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Ekushey February Of the text Author ' Hasan Hafizur Rahman '

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Description : Who is the architect of "Amar Ekushey" sculpture ?

Last Answer : The architect of Amar Ekushey sculpture is Jahanara Parveen.

Description : Who wrote the first compilation of Ekushey and 'Bangladesh War of Independence: Documents' ?

Last Answer : Hasan Hafizur Rahman wrote the first compilation of Ekushey and 'Bangladesh War of Independence: Documents' .

Description : What is the name of the poet of 'Amar Ekushey' ?

Last Answer : The name of the poet of 'Amar Ekushey' is Alauddin Al Azad.

Description : Who wrote Ekushey ?

Last Answer : The Ekushey story of Lakha is written by Abubakar Siddique.

Description : In what year did Altaf Mahmood get Ekushey Padak ?

Last Answer : Altaf Mahmood received the Ekushey Padak in 1977 .

Last Answer : Ekushey Padak was introduced in 1986

Last Answer : 1982 AD 3 February On Chittaranjan Saha Dhaka University Adjacent Burdwan House On the premises Bottalaya One Pieces Chatter Up [ 1 ] Calcutta From Bring 32 Books Arranged Book fair Founding According to : - Wikipedia

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Last Answer : Gandhiji decided to withdraw the Non-Cooperation movement because the main objective of ahimsa i.e. non-violence was not being followed by the satyagrahis. He felt the need of training the ... was still able to unite everyone and shaped the creation of mass mobilization at the national level.

Description : Who dissolved the popularly elected parliament in February 2005 in Nepal ? -SST 10th

Last Answer : King Gyanendra dissolved the popularly elected Parliament in February 2005 in Nepal.

Description : Why did Mahatma Gandhiji decide to withdraw the NonCooperation Movement in February 1922? Explain the reasons. -SST 10th

Last Answer : He cancelled it because some people of the movement attacked a police station .Gandhiji 's main motto was non violence

Description : In February 1922, Mahatama Gandhi decided to withdraw the Non-co-operation movement. Why did they do that? -SST 10th

Last Answer : The Chauri-Chaura incident disheartened Mahatma Gandhi. He felt that the movement was turning violent in many places and Satyagrahies needed to be properly trained before they would be ready for mass struggles.

Description : Who dissolved the popularly elected parliament in February 2005, in Nepal? -SST 10th

Last Answer : King Gyanendra dissolved the popularly elected parliament in February 2005,in Nepal.

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Last Answer : In Calcutta, on 16th August, 1946, the Muslim League held demonstrations, hartals and also hoisted Muslim League's flag. But their activities soon took a violent shape. There were riots, looting and killing in ... in Punjab. Gandhiji said, we are not in midst of Civil War but we are nearing it.'

Description : Prime Minister Attlee’s announcement on February 20, 1947, was attempted to end the deadlock in India and marked the last few months of British Rule. -SST 10th

Last Answer : The Congress and the Muslim League could not work together for long. The Muslim League went on harping on its demand for division of India. Jinnah said, We shall resist anything that militates ... one Government. (iii) Lord Mountbatten was to replace Lord Wavell as the new Viceroy of India.

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Last Answer : events leading to the February revolution in petrograd are: 22nd February 1917 = lockout of a factory on the right bank of the Neva river.... 24th February 1917 = demonstrators came back on the streets and were disposed of by imposing the curfew.

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Last Answer : All the workers’ quarters and factories were located on the right bank of the river Neva. On the left bank were the fashionable areas, the Winter Palace, official buildings and the palace where ... The government imposed a curfew and called out the cavalry and police to keep a check on them.