What movie plot twist had you rooting for the bad guy the whole time?

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Answer :

Anything with superheros

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Description : My cantalope vine is taking over my whole garden plot, can I divert the vine to my fence post?

Last Answer : The only things that concerns me is the metal posts.........they heat up and can cause some damage to the vine.....but you could trim the vine or try carefully to move it...they like to climb....anyway ... climb on that instead of right on the metal...................good luck with your harvest.

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Last Answer : (B) The order and molecularity of a complex reaction may not be the same

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Last Answer : Prehistoric Congress is paralyzed while huge asteroid races towards earth. The Reptilicans and the Dinocrats are all destroyed upon its impact.

Description : Half a million people have signed up to storm Area 51. Will you be rooting for them?

Last Answer : Silly stuff.

Description : Why would anyone vote for a religiously fundamentalist politician that is actively rooting for end times?

Last Answer : What a scary prospect that would be. The environment, income inequality, decaying infrastructure, global war? Bring it on. Eat, drink and be merry for the rapture will soon be upon us.

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Last Answer : This

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Last Answer : I think they are rooting for a return of the true Grand Old Party replacing the new Greedy Oligarch Pig GOP. The rational operators in the party have either been purged altogether or so marginalized they ... gotten out of hand when Karl (Turd Blossom) Rove is one of the sanest voices left standing.

Description : Rooting Motorola Milestone/Android phone?

Last Answer : I would cruise the forums on androidcentral.com they should have a solution for you.

Description : Americans still watching the World Cup - rooting for or against Ghana?

Last Answer : answer:Although I like both Uruguay and Ghana, I think I will be rooting for Ghana. I have a thing for that country, despite never having visited it. I admire the fact that it is more developed than ... really a big soccer fan, so my reasons for supporting the team may not match many others'. ;)

Description : Any World Cup watchers? Who are you rooting for? Who's expected to win? (I'm just going to the pub for the cold beer and crazy British folks. They're fun)

Last Answer : answer:Mexico. Spain or Brazil.

Description : I was rooting around in my (deceased) father's stuff and now have a fish hook stuck in my brand new rayon shirt. How do I get it out?

Last Answer : Use a pair of pliers to pinch down the barb near the sharp end of the fish hook. Without the barb, you should be able to remove the hook with no appreciable damage to the fabric.

Description : Who were you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

Last Answer : The cardinals.. steelers had won enough. But that’s ok… it has become a running joke that whoever I pick loses.. =D

Description : Are Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert secretly rooting for a McCain victory?

Last Answer : I would agree with the last question you posed—those guys could make fun of anyone. Remember when Hilary Clinton was a candidate? They were rapping on her all day long. Heck, they still are…this is snl, but still.

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Last Answer : Bengals but I'd be happy for Stafford too

Description : What is the best soil for rooting softwood cuttings?

Last Answer : I would cut on an angle, dip them in rootone and put them in that new vitamin soil. If doing inside use the one for inside or you will get bugs as some are not sterzlized soil. Water and watch.


Last Answer : Look really good under that tree.......branches are low....................you might have some babies hiding under there..............

Description : Can rooting powder be used to propagate wisteria

Last Answer : Rooting Wisteria Plants: In addition to propagating wisteria seeds, you can also take cuttings. Are you wondering, How do you grow wisteria from cuttings? Growing wisteria cuttings is not ... weeks. Growing wisteria from cuttings is easy when you know how to propagate wisteria correctly.

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Last Answer : Sounds like mosquito larvae.

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Last Answer : Need Answer

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Last Answer : I would take a vine and keep it whole and lay it on the ground and put a shovel full of dirt on it leaving it whole and attached with about 1 ft hanging out...................it should root for you............might take 8 weeks or more.....................

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Last Answer : yes you change the water.

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Last Answer : Evergreen cutttings are hard to root Frequently you havet treat them with a rooting hormone put them in a pot with moist sand and then keep them moist and warm.

Last Answer : Root Android ? All you can do when you root is - 1. Routing gives you the 'super user' rights on your Android. 2. You can confirm what is in the phone and what is not. Many of the ... is not damaged. By rooting you are breaking that certainty. You may be able to root your mobile with kingroot

Description : Which app is the best app for rooting android phone?

Last Answer : XBooster Pro ($1) If your rooted device is getting on a bit, then you probably want to squeeze as much performance out of it as possible. ... Battery Charge Limit. ... Wi-Fi Key Recovery. ... LiveBoot. ... SuperSU. ... ROM Manager. ... 3C System Tuner.

Description : Name the hormone which is used extensively in agricultural and horticultural practices and help to initiate rooting in stem curring during plant propa

Last Answer : Name the hormone which is used extensively in agricultural and horticultural practices and help ... rooting in stem curring during plant propagation.

Description : Name the hormone which is used extensively in agricultural and horticultural practices and help to initiate rooting in stem curring during plant propa

Last Answer : Name the hormone which is used extensively in agricultural and horticultural practices and help ... rooting in stem curring during plant propagation.

Description : What was the name for an ecclesiastic court set up in Spain in the 13th century with the aim of rooting out heresy?

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Description : Consider the following pairs Plant hormone Function/Effect 1. Indole-3 acetic acid - Rooting in cuttings 2. Gibberellic acid - Stomatal closure 3. Ethylene - Fruit ripening 4. Zeatin - Cell division Which of the above pairs are correctly matched ... 3 (b) 1, 2, and 4 (c) 2 and 4 (d) 1, 2, 3, and 4

Last Answer : Ans:(b)

Description : In linguistic morphology _____________ is the process for reducing inflected words to their root form. a) Rooting b) Stemming c) Text-Proofing d) Both Rooting & Stemming

Last Answer : b) Stemming

Description : What is a good plot for an action movie with Bruce Willis and Liam Neeson in the lead?

Last Answer : Liam Neeson kidnaps Bruce Willis’ daughter, but ends up releasing her halfway through the movie, because Willis is phoning in his performance because he does not care, and acts bored all the time, so what is the point of it all.

Description : What plot in an action movie would you be excited about seeing?

Last Answer : Action..action.. I’m going to have to think about this one..

Description : What movie has a really dumb plot but actually works?

Last Answer : Dude where’s my car?

Description : What’s you horribly misinterpreted plot/story review for a movie, but without specifying the movie?

Last Answer : “Old woman holds a baby she fucked 27 years prior”

Description : I have recently became closer to one of my female friends, and I do think that I have feelings for her. We have been friends for about three years now, and I have not had the opertunity to show any ... she is always dating someone. Would it be a bad thing for a guy to date one of his friends?

Last Answer : To date her or to date one of your friends while you’re waiting for her? Whatever works.

Description : ABCD is a regular parallelogram plot of land whose angle BAD is 60°. If the bearing of the line AB is 30°, the bearing of CD, is (A) 90° (B) 120° (C) 210° (D) 270°

Last Answer : (C) 210°

Description : Have you seen the re-branding of Pepsi's Sierra Mist as "Mist Twist" in your area yet?

Last Answer : No, but I sampled the new 1893 Pepsi just yesterday. Awful! I’ve never liked Pepsi in any of its forms. I’m strictly a Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola man.

Description : What do you call the roll of plastic bags with twist ties that you use to put fruits and vegetables in the grocery isle?

Last Answer : The roll of plastic bags with twist ties that you use to put fruits and vegetables in the grocery isle. Here’s a technique: lick one of your fingers and put the end of the bag between them, then slide your fingers. After that, fluff out the bag to get it open.

Description : You've just been given a life sentence. The twist? You have to choose your own cellmate.

Last Answer : ~I would pick someone who knows how to escape prisons…

Description : For those who work with fiber, yarn and thread, how do you know if you are working with a Z-twist or an S-twist and why does it matter?

Last Answer : I’m not too knowledgable on this, but I know S and Z twist just refer to the direction of the twist, and I don’t think that’s what’s causing your problem. It sounds like the yarn is overspun. Is it handspun? Sounds like the spinner might not be very experienced.

Description : Have you ever invented a new and unique game (or strange twist on an old game)

Last Answer : Well I designed a browser MMORPG but I haven’t gotten it working yet :(

Description : Donate to your favorite charity with a twist...

Last Answer : sorry to those that already aswered when this was in general. Moderators requested it be moved to social.

Description : ask-public MacGyvers: I need to open an old fashioned bottle-capped bottle, not a twist off, no bottle opener, can you help?

Last Answer : I see so much shit listed up above and I ask you this one question: Do you have a counter top in your bathroom? If so here is what you do. 1. Place edge of bottle cap on the edge of counter top ... can be found on motel TV's. PS- I hope they are the Orange Aranciatas. They are sooooo good. xoxoxo

Description : What gets your knickers in a twist?

Last Answer : I hate to be instructed on what to say and how to say it by arrogant Flutherites who appoint themselves hall monitors. It makes me want to splatter the walls with blood.

Description : Why do my baking sheets twist in the oven?

Last Answer : Better quality baking sheets would probably warp less. Your oven may have hot spots and cool spots , causing your baking sheet to expand/contract unevenly, which creates the twisting effect. This ... upgrading the oven, or at least rotating your baked goods half way through cooking. Good luck!

Description : Does anyone think fellipe massa's crash was a cruel twist of fate?

Last Answer : I looked up the story and all I can say is his helmet saved his life. Welcome to Fluther

Description : What character in the book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens impacted your life the most?

Last Answer : Well, yours seems obvious. I’ve always felt an affinity for Rose, for her dedication to what is probably a lost cause.

Description : Can someone give me an idea for a twist on the traditional meatloaf?

Last Answer : Worschesthsckther sauce. Or however its spelled. My aunt makes a meatloaf that mixes that and ketchup, and it’s delicious.