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Yes IGBT is costlier than BJT and MOSFET.

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Description : Which phenomenon is present in thyristors but absent in BJT, MOSFET and IGBT ? (A) forward conduction (B) latching (C) forward blocking (D) reverse breakdown

Last Answer : Which phenomenon is present in thyristors but absent in BJT, MOSFET and IGBT ? (A) forward conduction (B) latching (C) forward blocking (D) reverse breakdown

Description : Compare BJT, MOSFET and IGBT .

Last Answer : BJT MOSFET IGBT BJT is a current controlled device. MOSFET is a voltage controlled device. IGBT is a voltage controlled device. The input impedance of BJT is low. ... is minority carrier device. MOSFET is majority carrier device. IGBT is minority carrier device.

Last Answer : Because it has a higher switching frequency and heat tolerance.

Last Answer : ON state losses of IGBT is less as compared to MOSFET and BJT.

Description : Is the input impedance of MOSFET more than BJT and FET?

Last Answer : Yes, the input impedance of MOSFET more than BJT and FET.

Description : Operating frequency of power MOSFET is higher than that of power BJT. Justify the statement.

Last Answer : Power MOSFET have high turning on and turning off capability high switching speed of MOSFET is due to the high rate of change of drain voltage. The switching losses of power MOSFET ... lower frequency. Hence, operating frequency of power MOSFET is higher than that of power BJT.

Description : Explain the formation of parasitic BJT and parasitic diode in Power MOSFET. Can parasitic diode be used in same power electronics applications?

Last Answer : Parasitic Diode: The parasitic diode is in between drain and source. The MOSFET structure itself contains parasitic diode or body drain diode. This parasitic diode allows the reverse flow of current when the ... of MOSFET as a BJT collector. Parasitic BJT operates in the cut-off region.

Description : Describe with neat sketch the constructional details of IGBT.

Last Answer : Construction: Insulated gate bipolar transistor or IGBT, is a solid state devices primarily used as an electronic switch which, as it was developed, came to combine high efficiency and fast ... layer and p+ emitter constitute a BJT with a wide base region and hence small current gain.

Description : Draw construction of IGBT.

Last Answer : construction of IGBT

Description : Give the applications of IGBT

Last Answer : 1) AC and DC motor drives 2) SMPS 3) Inverters 4) Choppers 5) Solid-state Relays 6) solid-state Contactors

Description : The number of terminals present in IGBT is A) 2 B) 3 C) 4 D) 5

Last Answer : The number of terminals present in IGBT is 3

Description : Justify the statements. 1. IGBT uses a vertically oriented structure. 2. IGBT is preferred as a power switch over both power BJT and MOSFET. 3. Punch through IGBT structure are more popular and are widely used.

Last Answer : 1. IGBT uses vertically oriented structure. IGBT use vertically oriented structure to reduce the resistance and to increase the current flow area. Hence IGBT uses vertically oriented ... DC circuit applications. Hence punch through IGBT structure are more popular and are widely used.

Description : Also, highlight the problem faced during parallel operation.

Last Answer : Parallel operation of IGBT: Parallel operation of IGBT is done for obtaining high current rating. Paralleling of IGBT reduces conduction losses and thermal stress. IGBT combines the qualities of ... . IGBTs must share losses equally otherwise IGBT may get failure due to thermal differences.

Last Answer : No, IGBT is not the current controlled device. IGBT is a voltage controlled device. IGBT have combine qualities of MOSFET and BJT. The high switching speed of MOSFET and low conduction losses of BJT. Also, IGBT which stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor have high input impedance.

Last Answer : IGBT is a bipolar device.

Last Answer :  IGBT or Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistors are typically semiconductor devices aka.  controlled switches,  which find their applications in Power Electronics circuits such as Inverters, and electrical ... ( buy implementing suitable Pulse Width Modulation scheme ) * Lower cost 

Last Answer : IGBT is a bipolar device because current is carried by both holes and electrons.

Description : An FET is a better chopper than a BJT because it has (A) lower offset voltage (B) higher series ON resistance (C) lower input current (D) higher input impedance

Last Answer : An FET is a better chopper than a BJT because it has lower offset voltage

Description : What is a BJT?

Last Answer : Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): BJT is a Bipolar device. (Uses both electrons and holes charge carrier for current conduction) Two Junctions (Emitter junction & collector ... mode (Current amplification) Cutoff mode (Open switch) Saturation mode (Close switch)

Last Answer : Yes BJT have internal capacitances.

Last Answer : BJT act as switch in saturation and  cutoff region ( ON state in saturation region and OFF state in cut-off region )

Last Answer : In cut-off region of BJT both the emitter-base junction and collector-base junction are reverse biased.

Last Answer : Active region of BJT act as amplifier.

Last Answer : Active , Saturation , Cut-off region of operations in BJT.

Last Answer : Yes BJT have second breakdown problem.

Last Answer : BJT is current controlled device.

Last Answer : BJT have three terminals Base, emitter and collector.

Last Answer : In  BJT  there  is  movement  of   electrons  and  holes   accros  the  junctions  which  is  basicaly  current  flow.

Last Answer : When Q-point is at cut off region means it is just above the horizontal axis VCE

Last Answer : The proper flow of zero signal collector current and the maintenance of the proper collector emmiter voltage during passage of single called as transistor biasing

Last Answer : Beta is the current gain which is the ratio of collector current to base current.

Last Answer : BJT control the flow of electron so it is a active device.

Last Answer : No, BJT is a current controlled device .

Last Answer : Bipolar junction transistor

Last Answer : Transformer coupled amplifiers Direct coupled amplifiers Multistage amplifiers Darlington amplifiers Emmiter follower

Description : what are bjt transistors?

Last Answer : Bjt transistor is a type of transistor which  uses both electrons and hole charge carrier.bjts are used as switches and amplifiers.They amplify currents.

Last Answer : No MOSFET do not have a second breakdown problem.

Last Answer : MOSFET  are voltage controlled devices.

Last Answer : MOSFETs are of two types namely  1) enhancement type MOSFET  or  E-MOSFET 2) depletion type MOSFET  or  D-MOSFET

Last Answer : MOSFET have high current losses due to High on state resistance. Hence MOSFET is used for low power applications.

Last Answer : Because of positive temperature coefficient of mosfet the paralleling of mosfet is easier.

Last Answer : Yes MOSFET can operate at very high frequency.

Description : what are the uses of MOSFET ?

Last Answer : Choppers and inverters and where high switching frequency is required.

Description : what is MOSFET ?

Last Answer : MOSFET is a type of Field Effect Transistor (FET). It is a voltage controlled transistor. MOSFET have very high input impedance. It can be use with very low current circuits. It is very fast ... of Nano ampere. There are two types of MOSFET one is enhancement mode and second is depletion mode.

Description : State 2 advantages of JFET over BJT.

Last Answer : Advantages of JFET over BJT: 1) High input impedance 2) Better thermal stability 3) Produce less noise 4) Smaller than BJT 5) Rugged in construction and simpler to fabricate 6) High degree of isolation between Input and Output. 

Description : List specification of BJT.

Last Answer : * The bipolar junction transistor (BJT) has small signal current gain, α (hfb). * Maximum collector current Ic (max). * Maximum collector to emitter voltage, VCE (max). * Collector to emitter ... . * Collector to emitter cut off voltage, VCEO. * Base emitter saturation voltage, VBE (sat).

Description : State reason BJT is called as bipolar junction transistor.

Last Answer : BJT is called bipolar junction transistor because in BJT current conduction takes place due to majority as well as minority charge carriers.

Description : List configurations of BJT. 

Last Answer : Configurations of BJT : 1) Common Base (CB) configuration 2) Common Emitter (CE) configuration 3) Common Collector (CC) configuration

Description : State the need of biasing of BJT.

Last Answer : Need of biasing: The basic need of transistor biasing is to keep the base-emitter (B-E) junction properly forward biased and the collector-emitter (C-E) junction properly reverse biased ... transistor biasing is necessary for normal and proper operation of transistor to be used for amplification. 

Description : Draw circuit diagram of voltage divider biasing list two advantages of voltage divider biasing of BJT.

Last Answer : Two advantages of voltage divider biasing of BJT. 1. It is very simple method of transistor biasing. 2. The biasing conditions can be very easily set. 3. there is no loading of ... 5. The resistor RE introduces a negative feedback. So all the advantages of negative feedback are obtained.