What are the types of biasing?

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Answer :

Biasing is classified into 2 types.The 2 types are

1) Forward biasing

2) Reverse biasing

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Last Answer : The proper flow of zero signal collector current and the maintenance of the proper collector emmiter voltage during passage of single called as transistor biasing

Description : List various transistor biasing methods.

Last Answer : Types of biasing methods: i. Base bias (or fixed bias) ii. Base bias with emitter feedback. iii. Base bias with collector feedback iv. Voltage divider bias (or self bias) v. Emitter bias. 

Description : State the need of biasing of BJT.

Last Answer : Need of biasing: The basic need of transistor biasing is to keep the base-emitter (B-E) junction properly forward biased and the collector-emitter (C-E) junction properly reverse biased ... transistor biasing is necessary for normal and proper operation of transistor to be used for amplification. 

Description : Draw circuit diagram of voltage divider biasing list two advantages of voltage divider biasing of BJT.

Last Answer : Two advantages of voltage divider biasing of BJT. 1. It is very simple method of transistor biasing. 2. The biasing conditions can be very easily set. 3. there is no loading of ... 5. The resistor RE introduces a negative feedback. So all the advantages of negative feedback are obtained. 

Description : Define biasing of transistor

Last Answer : Biasing of transistor is the process that makes the base emitter junction of transistor always forward biased and collector junction reverse biased for achieving the faithful amplification .

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Last Answer : Types of filter are as follows: 1. Shunt Capacitor filter (C filter) 2. Series Inductor filter (L filter) 3. LC filter 4. π filter (CLC filter)

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Last Answer : Definition:- A multivibrator is an electronic circuit that switches rapidly by means of positive feedback between two or more states.  OR  A multivibrator is an electronic circuit used to implement a ... Bistable Multivibrator: it can operate as a flip-flop, Circuit diagram 

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Last Answer : (b) is facilitated by telomerase

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Last Answer : Copper losses, Eddy current loss, and hysteresis loss are the types of power losses in inductor.

Last Answer : MOSFETs are of two types namely  1) enhancement type MOSFET  or  E-MOSFET 2) depletion type MOSFET  or  D-MOSFET

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Last Answer : Definition of earthing: * Earthing means connecting the metal body of electrical device to the general mass of earth by a wire of negligible resistance. OR * Earthing means connecting the metal body of ... ii) Pipe type earthing iii) Rod type earthing iv) Strip earthing v)Water main earthing

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Last Answer : The types of protections provided by MCB: 1. MCB provides short circuit protection. 2. MCB provides overload protection

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Last Answer : Following types of holders used in wiring installation: 1. Pendent Holder 2. Batten Holder 3. Angle holder 4. Screwed holder 

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Last Answer : Types of rolling mills and its applications (1) Two-high rolling mill: used in blooming and slabbing mills (2) Three-high rolling mill: used for making plates or sections. (3) Four- ... : This mill is used for rolling stainless steel and other high strength steel sheets of thin gauge.

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Last Answer : 1. Puncher slotter 2. Precision slotter 3. Production slotter  Working Principle of Slotting machine:- The slotting machine is a reciprocating machine tool in which, The vertical slide holding the cutting ... longitudinal and cross feeds, a rotary feed motion is also provided in the work table. 

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Last Answer : Purpose of Lighting Control:- 1. To turn ON or OFF the lamps 2. For dimming: The dimming control permits the adjustment of lighting over a range. 3. For changing the lighting levels ... operated dimmer 6) Triac operated Dimmer 7) PWM (Pulse width modulation) Controlled technique.

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Last Answer : Types of stepper motor : (i)Variable - reluctance motor (ii) Permanent- magnet motors (iii) Hybrid motors. Applications of stepper motor : In robotics, In CNC machines, In computers, printers, ... In Watches, In biomedical applications such as X-ray machines, CT scan, In Process control systems. 

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Last Answer : Generally errors are classified into three types: systematic errors, random errors and blunders. 1) Gross Errors 2) Random Errors 3) Systematic Errors Instrumental Errors Environmental ... to wrong observations or reading in the instruments particularly in case of energy meter reading. 

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Last Answer : Types of feedback amplifiers: 1. Positive feedback amplifiers 2. Negative feedback amplifiers (i)voltage series feedback amplifiers (ii)voltage shunt feedback amplifiers (iii)current series feedback amplifiers (iv)current shunt feedback amplifiers

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Last Answer : Types of filters: 1. Capacitor input filter (shunt capacitor filter) 2. Choke input filter (series inductor filter) 3. LC filter 4. π type filter OR CLC filter 5. RC filter.

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Last Answer : 1) Cleat wiring 2) Batten wiring 3) Wooden casing capping wiring 4) PVC conduit wiring 5) PVC casing capping wiring 6) Concealed wiring

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Last Answer : The types of Wind Turbines:-  1) Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)   2) Horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT)   i) Up wind HAWT   ii) Down Wind HAWT  OR  The types of wind turbines:-  1. Small size wind turbine  2. Medium size wind turbine  3. Large size wind turbine 

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Last Answer : Different types of frequency meters  1. Reed type [Mechanical type] 2. Ferro-dynamic type [Resonances type] 3. Weston type 4. Ratio-meter type 5. Saturable core type 6. Digital type

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Last Answer : Types of Error in wattmeter: 1. Errors due to method of connection. 2. Error due to pressure coil inductance. 3. Error due to pressure coil Capacitance. 4. Error due to mutual inductance effect. 5. ... . Error due to eddy currents. 7. Temperature error. 8. Error due to vibration of moving system.

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Last Answer : Types of FETs:  1. Junction FET (JFET) i. N-Channel JFET ii. P-Channel JFET  2. MOSFET i. E-MOSFET ii. D-MOSFET 

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Last Answer : Types of capacitors: i) Air capacitor ii) Paper capacitor iii) Mica capacitor iv) Ceramic capacitor v) Electrolytic capacitor vi) Poly-carbon capacitor

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Last Answer : Types of inductors: i) Air cored inductor ii) Iron cored inductor iii) Ferrite cored inductor Air cored inductor: These are used for high frequency application e.g. Radio sets ... radio receiver, wide band pulse transformers, oscillators, signal generators, high frequency amplifiers, etc. 

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Last Answer : Human error or gross error, systematic error, applicational error and random error are the types of error.

Last Answer : Shunt motors,  Series motors, Compound motors

Last Answer : To protect most of the electrical equipment handling low power, the types of relays used are thermocouple, electronic and bimetallic.

Description : what are the three different types of Electric power?

Last Answer : Real,reactive,apparent power

Last Answer : rectifier is a device which converts AC voltage to pulsating DC voltage using one or more diode diode conducts only in unit direction that is forward bias condition practically it does not conduct ... types one is with using two diodes and Centre tap Transformer and another is bridge wave rectifier

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Last Answer : Drive. I have been with a redhead who broke my heart, a blond who broke my heart, and a brunette who broke my heart. And they were all frig-gen driven.

Description : What is the need for biasing?

Last Answer : To get proper collector current Proper base emmiter voltage Proper emmiter collector voltage In short to maintain operating point such as faithful amplification is produced

Description : How many types of biasing ?

Last Answer : : There are two types of biasing: 1) forward biasing 2) reverse biasing.

Description : How could I have asked this question without biasing the answers?

Last Answer : There are closed (yes/no) questions, open questions and leading questions. Closed and leading questions are safe because you can control and predict the reactions and outcomes. Open questions are risky ... to run that risk. Unfortunately that means you didn't get the honest reactions you wanted.

Description : What is Biasing ?

Last Answer : : Biasing is the external DC supply that is given to activate a transistor.