What is the importance of electronics?

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Answer :

Electronics is very important nowadays its uses are increasing in day to day life. The high voltage and current devices are now being controlled by a small electronics circuits. By controlling high voltage and current devices using small electronic circuits it makes very efficient and convenient to use those high voltage and current devices. The use of Electronics is increasing in high voltage and current applications. The electronics is helping in increasing the efficiency of system. Electronics helping in reducing the size of equipments.

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Last Answer : Power electronics applications are extended to various fields such as: 1. Aerospace, 2. Automotive electrical and electronic systems, 3. commercial, 4. industrial, 5. residential, 6. telecommunication, 7. transportation, 8. utility systems,

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Last Answer : 1. The processor, graphics controller are built on principles of digital electronics. 2. In Computers, tablet, displays, LCD/LED TV. 3. mobile/smart phone, , computer ,keyboard, mouse 4. speed/ ... bike/car, various control of the car, 5. ATM machines, credit /debit cards 6. Telephone exchange

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