What are gas bubbles which form within plant cells o in blood known as?

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Description : When water boils bubbles form at the base of the container. What gas has formed?

Last Answer : oxygen? NopeSteam. Steam is water in gas form. Boiling water reaches a temperature of 212 degrees and it begins to turn to steam. Interesting property of water is that no matter how hotter you turn up the heat, the water temperature remains at 212 degrees.

Description : When water boils bubbles form at the base of the container. What gas has formed?

Last Answer : oxygen? NopeSteam. Steam is water in gas form. Boiling water reaches a temperature of 212 degrees and it begins to turn to steam. Interesting property of water is that no matter how hotter you turn up the heat, the water temperature remains at 212 degrees.

Description : Hydrogen in liquid steels is dissolved (A) As tiny gas bubbles (B) In the atomic form (C) In the ionic form (D) In the molecular form

Last Answer : Option A

Description : Hydrogen in liquid steels is dissolved (A) As tiny gas bubbles (B) In the atomic form (C) In the ionic form (D) In the molecular form

Last Answer : Option A

Description : Does anyone else get very "hard" feeling gas bubbles in the chest?

Last Answer : You should get it checked out. Stress induced, but soft drink eliminates it? Sounds digestive related.

Description : Why is it that, lately, whenever I do something active after having a cigarette I get very painful gas bubbles/nausea?

Last Answer : Maybe you’re swallowing a lot of air? That’s how some people “burp on command”...so maybe you’re swallowing it, and not burping it out.

Description : When baking soda is mixed with lemon juice, bubbles are formed with the evolution of a gas. What type of change is it? Explain. -Science-7

Last Answer : The reaction between baking soda and lemon juice can be given as below: Lemon juice + Baking soda ----- C02 (bubbles) + Other substances (Citric acid) (Sodium hydrogen carbonate) (Carbon dioxide) It is a chemical change, because in this change new substances are formed.

Description : What is an example of an chemical change a gas is produced may be seen as bubbles?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : When you open a bottle of carbonated cola you see bubbles of gas bursting from the surface. What can you infer about the amount of gas dissolved in the solution before you opened the bottle?

Last Answer : If gas comes out of solution when a bottle is opened, then there must have been a greater amount of dissolved gas in the substance while it was under pressure prior to opening the bottle.

Description : Leakage in a cooking gas cylinder is detected by (A) Radio-isotopes (B) Pouring soap solution on the surface and locating the gas bubbles (C) Halide torch (D) Pungent smell of mercaptans present in the gas

Last Answer : Option D

Description : (4) less soluble in blood than nitrogen at high pressure Explanation: Deep-sea divers have their oxygen supply mixed with helium in order to avoid the toxic nature of oxygen under extreme pressures. The ... blood which blocks blood flow as the diver comes to the surface of the sea from underwater.

Last Answer : The chemical bahaviour of an atom depends upon - (1) the number of protons in its nucleus (2) the number of neutrons in the nucleus (3) the number of electrons orbiting around the nucleus (4) the number of nucleons in the nucleus

Description : Most of the carbon dioxide picked up by the blood in the tissues: a) dissolves in the plasma b) unites with hemoglobin c) forms microscopic bubbles d) diffuses into the alveoli


Description : Why do bubbles form on the inside of a glass or jug of water when it is left for a while?

Last Answer : Dissolved gasses are released by changes in pressure and temperature.

Description : What are the bubbles that protozoa form to surround food?

Last Answer : Wow... Are you that stupid?

Description : Does anyone know a mathematical formula to calculate the surface area of bubbles in a sink or bathtub of suds?

Last Answer : Too many variables when it comes to the size and quantity of the bubbles.

Description : How do bubbles differ?

Last Answer : Look up toroidal vortices on u-tube. VERY interesting stuff.

Description : When did the bubbles go bad?

Last Answer : The best bubbles EVER are homemade.

Description : Why do some parents insist on keeping their children in bubbles?

Last Answer : Because of their own beliefs. I think that children need to experience the world as it is and to be aware that bad things happen, but need to be protected and to fell loved, because that experience of innocence will not last as it is.

Description : Should I run the car with the radiator cap off to allow air bubbles to escape?

Last Answer : as log as you have it connected correctly, with a reserve tank, it will expel the air on it’s own with the cap in place. It is common to fill the radiator and run the engine with the cap off until it cycles at least once, to get the bulk of the air out.

Description : Why bubbles are formed in quartz crucible?

Last Answer : answer:Typically we don’t do your homework for you here. But even if we were to try, you have not given nearly enough information to solve that question.

Description : Sould we feel any sympathy for "Officer Bubbles" or should he be mocked even more?

Last Answer : I had not heard of this. I watched the first video and could feel the tension. He was a jerk. But she was a jerk, too. She was right up to the line. Right up to the line. And then ... , for both sides, she did not. The court cases are a waste of taxpayer money. Only the lawyers will benefit.

Description : Diabetic urinating bubbles?

Last Answer : Have you been tested for a UTI? Sometimes a UTI can cause urine to look foamy or bubbly. Did your doctors do a urinalysis for you at all? If not I would request one.

Description : How do you get all the air bubbles out of a concrete pillar?

Last Answer : Air bubbles are not always a bad thing. Sometimes air is entrained purposefully to achieve certain material properties. You obviously do not want any large pockets as those would be stress concentrations. ... are thicker are more workable than others and are not as prone to creating air pockets.

Description : What are these bubbles on my hand?

Last Answer : Warts maybe?

Description : How do I watch a Youtube video without seeing those annoying "thought bubbles"?

Last Answer : Bottom right-hand corner of the video, hold your mouse over that furthest icon, a little thing should pop up. Click the red icon. That one that, when you hold your mouse over it, says “Turn off annotations”. Yeah, click on that to turn off annotations.

Description : What are these bubbles in my bottle of Purell?

Last Answer : They are little pockets of trapped air.

Description : How do I change my background for the Tumblr theme (bubbles)?

Last Answer : actually, i think i’ll change my background to this: http://media.photobucket.com/image/vintage%20backgrounds/iconsforfree/Backgrounds/vintage.jpg?o=117

Description : How do you make the best bubbles with gum?

Last Answer : Blow gently and steadily. I’m not sure if Bubble Tape is the best gum to use for this. I seem to remember using Bubblelicious or Hubba Bubba.

Description : What would be the best ratio of water to liquid soap to make bubbles?

Last Answer : Here is a good recipe: * 6 cups water * 1 cup light corn syrup (Huh, an actual good use for this stuff!) * 2 cups Joy dishwashing soap (If using an ultra concentrated dishwashing liquid, use only 1 1/3 cups) Have fun! :D .

Description : Why are bubbles round?

Last Answer : Not only bubbles, but also rain drops. As far as I know this is because in such form (sphere) they have the smallest volume, compared to other objects with same dimensions.

Description : Do the clear screen protectors for the iPod touch leave air bubbles under them? What is the best iPod screen protector?

Last Answer : The one I have on my iPhone is really nice, made of thick plastic so there are no air bubbles.

Description : What are the little white bubbles filled with red liquid on the branches of my Coral Black japanese maple?

Last Answer : something has laid eggs on the branches...............check dormant oil for the time of year for that tree...........

Description : my capulin cherry tree branches has clear watery substance on it that looks like bubbles

Last Answer : Our cherry trees still have leaves, this is Sept 11, something might have laid eggs...fruit should be done.........if it is you can use sevin..........read the directions on the side of the bottle ... Keep children & pets away until it dries. Don't spray if it is going to rain or if it is windy

Description : what insect spits saliva bubbles on strawberry bushes?

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : I have bubbles, a pipe, and a mouth to drink my soap. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : A bath tub!

Description : If a boy blows 18 bubbles, Then pops 6 eats 7 and then He pops 5 and blows 1. How many are left? -Riddles

Last Answer : 1

Description : When viewed in white light, why do soap bubbles show colours? -Do You Know?

Last Answer : When viewed in white light, a soap bubble shows colours because of. Due to interference, when soap bubble is viewed in white light it shows colours.

Description : Is the composition of bubbles in boiling water the same as the bubbles that appear when cold water heats up?

Last Answer : They are the same. When cold water heats up and bubbles that means it is boiling.

Description : Why are soap-water bubbles round ?

Last Answer : Soap-water surface tension. It is a kind of gravitational force that pulls water molecules into the smallest possible size. It has been observed that the surface area of a spherical object is the ... the rubber pushes it inwards. The balance of these two pressures keeps him round like a balloon.

Description : Both the filter and the pump are switched on.

Last Answer : Supposedly because of chlorine. The solution is not to let the water into the aquarium right away, but to say it is in a bucket and poured into the aquarium only after a day. Let’s say this is quite cumbersome for a large aquarium. After a while, the bubbles disappear anyway.     

Description : What does it do that when I buy a limo the water is transparent and when I start it so many bubbles come out?

Last Answer : You reduce the pressure above the liquid level (limci), so that the carbonic acid begins to decompose into carbon dioxide (bubbles) and water.

Description : Why do we need a coverslip and how do we avoid air bubbles?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : How does salt affect soap bubbles?

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Description : Where the water table meets the ground surface groundwater bubbles or flows out of cracks in the rock in openings called?

Last Answer : A natural spring

Description : Is infection present when peroxide bubbles?

Last Answer : Peroxide will bubble even if no infection is present.Blood and most living cells contain the enzyme catalase. Catalase attacks hydrogen peroxide, making water and oxygen (O2), e.g. the fizz. Hydrogen ... why you should use only a small amount, and not very often, unless directed by a physician.

Description : If water slowly bubbles up from underground what has formed.?

Last Answer : hot spring---------------------Hot springs rare most are just "Springs".

Description : Hi, I have a fiberglass that was install 15 years ago. I notice that there a bubbles in the pool recently. i'm going to get cracks , what can I do to prevent that.?

Last Answer : If the cracks are in the surface layer of the fiberglass, the problem can be rectified. These "spider" cracks form in the gel coating of the fiberglass, due to pressures that can occur from a pool ... types of cracks aren't structural. If the bubbles are raised, I would call a pool repair service.

Description : if heated water slowly bubbles up from underground a _____ has formed?

Last Answer : hotspring

Description : Algae often float on surface of water during the day but sink down during the night due to (a) Evolution and trapping of oxygen bubbles during the day in their photosynthesis (b) Becoming light as they ... (c) Warming action of sun during the day (d) Release of absorbed air by warming of water

Last Answer : Ans:(a)