Which of the following is the LEAST effective technique used to sterilize? a) heat b) cold c) ethylene oxide (pron: ETH-e-leen) d) filtration

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Description : Ethylene diamine tetraacetoacetate (pron: te-tra-a-see-tow-AS-e-tate) (EDTW) is often used for which of the following: w) Determine hardness of water x) Measure the amount of zinc in a solution. y) A preservative in foods z) All of the above

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- ALL OF THE ABOVE 

Description : Is washing bottles in a dishwasher an effective way to sterilize baby bottles?

Last Answer : Using the dishwasher with a high heat dry will work just find to sterilize bottles. As long as you boil them before the first use, you will be fine.

Description : What needs to come into consideration when using UV light to sterilize? a. It Needs Direct Exposure b. It Can Cause Skin Cancer c. It May Not Be Effective Against All Kinds Of Endospores d. A-C Are Correct

Last Answer : d. A-C Are Correct

Description : The sorting out of molecules according to size and shape may be adapted to protein purification in this technique: (A) Adsorption chromatography (B) Gel filtration chromatography (C) Paper chromatography (D) None of these

Last Answer : Answer : B

Description : The technique for purification of proteins that can be made specific for a given protein is (A) Gel filtration chromotography (B) Ion exchange chromatography (C) Electrophoresis (D) Affinity chromatography

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Styrene which is a monomer for the production of polystyrene, is commercially produced by the (A) Catalytic dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene (B) Dehydration of ethyl alcohol followed by hydrogenation (C) Reacting ethylene oxide with acetaldehyde (D) Fermentation of starch

Last Answer : (A) Catalytic dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene

Description : Which gas is produced after the application of Calcium Carbide to the fruits, for rapid ripening? a. Methane b. Carbon-di-oxide c. Acetylene d. Ethylene

Last Answer : c. Acetylene

Description : Which gas is produced after the application of Calcium Carbide to the fruits, for rapid ripening? a. Methane b. Carbon-di-oxide c. Acetylene d. Ethylene

Last Answer : c. Acetylene

Description : Ethylene oxide reacts with ammonia to give (a) 1-Aminoethanol (b) Ethylamine (c) 2-Aminoethanol (d) Acetamide

Last Answer : 2-Aminoethanol

Description : The product of the reaction of ethylene oxide with acidic methanol is (a) CH3OCH2CH2OH (b) CH3CH2CH2CH2OH (c) HOCH2CH2OH (d) CH3CH2OCH2CH3

Last Answer : CH3OCH2CH2OH

Description : Acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of ethylene oxide yields (a) CH3CH2OH (b) HOCH2CH2OH (c) CH3CH2CH2OH (d) HOCH2CH2CH2OH

Last Answer : HOCH2CH2OH

Description : Ethylene oxide reacts with HBr to give (a) 1-Bromoethanol (b) Ethyl bromide (c) 2-Bromoethanol (c) Ethylene glycol

Last Answer : 2-Bromoethanol

Description : When ethylene glycol is heated with concentrated HNO3, it forms (a) Oxalic acid (b) Ethylene oxide (c) Dioxane (d) Diethylene glycol

Last Answer : Oxalic acid

Description : Ethylene oxide undergoes acid-hydrolysis to form (a) Ethylene glycol (b) Formic acid (c) Ethyl alcohol (d) Acetic acid

Last Answer : Ethylene glycol

Description : Ethylene oxide is produced by oxidation of ethylene in presence of AgOcatalyst at (A) 1 atm & 100°C (B) 5 atm & 275°C (C) 100 atm & 500°C (D) 50 atm & 1000°C

Last Answer : (B) 5 atm & 275°C

Description : Which of the following gases were used to decontaminate mail after the anthrax scare? a. Ethylene Oxide b. Chlorine Dioxide c. Carbon Dioxide d. Ozone

Last Answer : b. Chlorine Dioxide

Description : Ethylene oxide can be used toa. Kill Bacterial Spores. b. Clean Wounds. c. Sanitize Work Surfaces. d. Treat Water Supplies.

Last Answer : a. Kill Bacterial Spores.

Description : Thermal pyrolysis of ethylene dichloride produces (A) Trichloroethylene (B) Vinyl chloride (C) Ethanol amine (D) Ethylene oxide

Last Answer : (B) Vinyl chloride

Description : Pick out the wrong statement. (A) Catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monoxide produces methyl alcohol (B) In nylon-6, the number 6 represents the total number of carbon atoms in the ring (C ... are benzene and chlorine (D) Ethanolamines are produced by using ammonia and ethylene oxide as raw material

Last Answer : (C) Raw materials for DDT manufacture are benzene and chlorine

Description : Which catalyst is used in the manufacture of ethylene oxide by oxidation of ethylene? (A) AgO (B) Al2O3 (C) ZnCl2 (D) Fe2O3

Last Answer : (A) AgO

Description : Ethanol amine is produced using ammonia and (A) Ethyl benzene (B) Ethylene oxide (C) Ethanol (D) Ethane

Last Answer : (B) Ethylene oxide

Description : Styrene (a monomer for the production of polystyrene) is commercially produced by (A) Catalytic dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene (B) Dehydration of ethyl alcohol followed by hydrogenation (C) Reacting ethylene oxide with acetaldehyde (D) Fermentation of starch

Last Answer : (A) Catalytic dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene

Description : Royce Sachet is suitable indicator for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A Formaldehyde B Β-propiolactone C Isopropyl alcohol D Ethylene oxide

Last Answer : D Ethylene oxide

Description : Concentration range (given as weight of gas per unit chamber volume) for ethylene oxide is A 15–100mg/L B 800–1200mg/L C 120–180mg/L D 1000–1200mg/L

Last Answer : B 800–1200mg/L

Description : Discuss in brief gaseous sterilization using ethylene oxide. 

Last Answer : Gaseous sterilization using Ethylene oxide:  It is gas at room temperature, highly inflammable & forms explosive mixture with air. This disadvantage can be overcome by using mixture of 10% ethylene ... toxic & inflammable gas. Sophisticated instruments are required & skilled persons are needed.

Description : When is ionizing radiation used to sterilize? a. To Sterilize Vitamins b. For Preserving Foods c. To Sterilize Hormones d. To Sterilize Antibiotics e. All The Above

Last Answer : e. All The Above

Description : How to sterilize a book, let's say that was thrown out and is now mouldy?

Last Answer : Why would you want to? Anything you could use to take mold off a book would further ruin it. Anything dropped in a toilet would not be in my house.

Description : Can you sterilize a pacifier with friction?

Last Answer : Hogwash, unless you can generate spontaneous combustion.

Description : How do I clean/sterilize a pair of earrings?

Last Answer : I think alcohol is fine.

Description : What are the best ways to sterilize shoes for resale?

Last Answer : Lysol spray. I know my mom use to spray down my brothers shoes and sneakers with it.

Description : How to sterilize pearl earrings?

Last Answer : Wipe the just posts with rubbing alcohol?

Description : Is it enough to immerse them in hot water? They will be cooked for cucumbers

Last Answer : If they are clean, that's enough.

Description : Is it to soften the content or to make it last longer?

Last Answer : With that softening, that's not true. Fruits soften, but vegetables don't. The cucumbers are boiled for about 25 minutes at a temperature of 85 ° C and do not soften. The temperature destroys bacteria and ... . Therefore, jams will last for many years. At least those that don't "let go" the lid.

Description : How much salt will be needed to sterilize the ground?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : How to Sterilize Baby Items With a Steam Cleaner?

Last Answer : Baby items can get dirtier than anything else in the home, yetthey need to be cleaner than almost anything else. Since mostbabies put their mouths on nearly anything in reach, it isextremely ... cleaners on themarket today come with several different nozzles and some of themeven come with a small

Description : How can I sterilize needles used in tattooing?

Last Answer : You really should not be reusing needles to tattoo someone. If you are going to though, the only way to properly sterilize them is by using an autoclave. An autoclave uses extreme pressure and heat to kill germs and bacteria.

Description : How do Tattoo Parlors sterilize their needles between each use?

Last Answer : Tattoo parlors don't have to sterilize the needles. For each tattoo, the artist uses a brand new needle that is completely sterile and packaged until use.

Description : Do I need to sterilize my baby's bottles, and how do I do that?

Last Answer : Yes but any dishwasher using hot water will do it.

Description : What is to be done with instruments after surgically treating a patient with confirmed diagnosis of hepatitis B,** A. Soak them in hypochlorite solution Milton B. Sterilize, scrub ... Handle them with two pairs of household rubber gloves D. Scrub them with iodine surgical solution

Last Answer : B. Sterilize, scrub and sterilize

Description : How to Sterilize a Needle

Last Answer : How to Sterilize a Needle Needles are commonly used for puncturing the skin, such as when you're getting a tattoo or injecting medications into the body. They're helpful, but if they carry bacteria and ... this article, you'll surely be interested in learning how to get rid of a fear of needles.

Description : How to Sterilize Baby Bottles

Last Answer : How to Sterilize Baby Bottles Babies get sick easily. When caring for a baby, you have to make sure that all his things are free of germs. Washing his bottles with soap and water may not be enough. ... complete the process. You can keep the bottles in the solution for the entire day if you want to.

Description : Which of the following is true concerning a 68 year old male with type 2 diabetes diagnosed with type IV renal tubal acidosis? 1) Aminoaciduria would be expected. 2) Fludrocortisone treatment is effective ... 4) Increased urinary bicarbonate would be expected. 5) Normal renal handling of K+ and H+

Last Answer : Answers-2 H+ secretion, sodium reabsorption and ammonia production diminishes. RTA 4 is in effect hyporeninaemic hypoaldosteronism or failure of aldosterone action and thus helped treated with ... particularly. Aminoaciduria and increased urine bicarbonate are features of RTA types 1 and 2.

Description : Shell and leaf filter as compared to plate and frame filter (A) Entails less labor cost (B) Facilitates filtration under higher pressure (C) Provides more effective washing (D) All (A), (B) & (C)

Last Answer : (D) All (A), (B) & (C)

Description : Measurement of inulin renal clearance is a measure for (A) Effective renal blood flow (B) Renal drug excretion rate (C) Active renal secretion (D) Glomerular filtration rate

Last Answer : (D) Glomerular filtration rate

Description : Which of the following compounds is least soluble in water? (a) Glycerol (b) Ethyl alcohol (c) Ethylene glycol (d) Ethyl chloride

Last Answer : Ethyl chloride

Description : In cold countries ethylene glycol is added to water in car radiators. This helps to (a) Reduce the viscosity (b) Make water a better lubricant (c) Lower the freezing point (d) Lower the boiling poin

Last Answer : Lower the freezing point

Description : The most efficient heat engine that can operate between two temperature reservoirs T1 and T2 is: w) jet engine x) internal combustion engine y) Carnot engine (pron: car-no) z) steam engine


Description : Locomotion and heat production are functions of which system? a) lymphatic (pron: lim-FAT-ik) b) respiratory c) skeletal d) muscular

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- MUSCULAR

Description : Browne’s tubes are the most commonly used indicator for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A Heat sterilization B Radiation sterilization C Gaseous sterilization D Filtration sterilization

Last Answer : A Heat sterilization

Description : (3) preventing rapid setting of cement Explanation: Portland cement clinker is a hydraulic material which shall consist of at least two-thirds by mass of calcium silicates, the remainder consisting of ... mixed with water by way of a complex series of chemical reactions still only partly understood.

Last Answer : Milk is a colloidal system in which: (1) Water is dispersed in fat (2) Fat is dispersed in water (3) Fat and water are dispersed in each other (4) Fat is dissolved