What is the generic name for a biocide effective against certain plants? 

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Description : The first biocide used on a large scale was

Last Answer : The first biocide used on a large scale was A. Boreaux mixture B. DDT C. Thurioside D. Benzene haxachloride.

Description : is generally added to water when processing flowers in a retail floral shop. a. Herbicide b. Insecticide c. Biocide d. Algicide

Last Answer : Biocide

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Last Answer : (c) Scientific names are in Latin and should be italicized.

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Last Answer : Kroger’s crunchy peanut butter is at least as good, if not better, than Jif.

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Last Answer : Look at what you did. You said cheap brand, and good brand. More expensive is so automatically thought of as better, often pricing is chosen not by actual value, but what they think they can get away with.

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Last Answer : For me there is, due to needing different prescriptions (of different strengths) in each eye. Try a pair off the shelf.. Your eyes will give you the answer to your question.

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Last Answer : You learn to see through the hype when you have a limited budget. I learned this many years ago.

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Last Answer : How about Cheezies? Or how about Taco Bell?

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Last Answer : Generic blueberry poptarts are always better to me. I don’t know why.

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Last Answer : Funny, I just got finished recommending VenSim on your other question.

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Last Answer : answer:A generic has to have the same active ingredients as the brand name. But you're right that the differences can be in type and amount of buffers and binders. The release of the drug ... maybe not. Those mood-altering drugs are so peculiar anyway and different people react to them differently.

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Last Answer : If all are drug store quality then no. But if you are comparing Pantene to Redken, yes! A lot of the drug store varieties will use additional fillers that can be damaging to your hair like alcohols or ... i.e. Aveda, Biolage, Redken, etc. You can always ask your stylist what they recommend as well.

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Last Answer : When I first looked at it, I saw a crochet pattern done with beads…

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Last Answer : answer:Most, if not all, people who are near-sighted, have slightly different corrections in each eye. Glasses are not interchangeable the way reading glasses are. Can the teacher and administration make a huge effort to educate and help the parents?

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Last Answer : Panini grill

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Last Answer : proprietary eponym

Description : Which, if any, of the atypical antipsychotic medications are now available in the U.S. in generic form?

Last Answer : I am not a doctor or a pharmacists nor do a play one on TV, but I can safely say that Abilify is not available in generic and won’t be for about another 10 years.

Description : Is it safe to buy generic drugs from online pharmacies, can anyone suggest me best online pharmacies?

Last Answer : NEVER buy any kind of drug online. You don’t know whether or not they have been tainted, or if they’re even what they say they are.

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Last Answer : No, not at all – it’s one of the categories we created but no races make sense in that the concept isn’t real. Because of the way our culture is, however, all white images are the default – and only then are other races represented for superficial ‘diversity’.

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Last Answer : IRC is not a platform, but a tool, and you don’t need a proprietary client to use it.

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Last Answer : I wouldn’t eat any of that garbage. Do you really think laboratory manufactured powders and swill pills are better than fresh foods? Can you not get your daily vitamins from the food you eat? Fruits, veggies, rice and beans are all you need to stay healthy.

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Last Answer : I would try fabric paint.

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Last Answer : shift plus 2. Some keyboards are set up with it there, some with it down two buttons left from enter.

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Last Answer : You will probably lose money. And as a web-developer I hate people that do what you want to do and would never give you a dime.

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Last Answer : I can't find anything online about a generic equivalent, but you can get a pack of 6 for under 20 bucks. I can't see why you would need more than that, Capstar is not supposed to be a primary ... some Advantage, give him or her a capstar, and that should clean it right up. Don't forget to vacuum!

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Last Answer : Brats

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Last Answer : http://www.remotecentral.com/search.htm i think this site may help

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Last Answer : For me. It's gotta be Oreo

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Last Answer : The quality of the ingredient might be different, it might also be from a different place. It is also easier for you to claim liability of a big corporation.

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Last Answer : Should be fine…

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Last Answer : . These are long-term movements and involve more than one issue. . The environmental movements and the women's movements are examples of such movements. . There is no single organisation that ... a broad objective and have a similar approach. That is why they are called generic movements'.

Description : Differentiate between issue-specific movements and generic movements? -SST 10th

Last Answer : Issue-specific Movements: . They achieve a single objective within a limited timeframe. . There is clear leadership. . They have some sort of an organisation, i.e., organisational features of ... life is usually short. 5.Another strike followed in April and the government imposed the martial law.

Description : How are issue specific movements different from generic movements ? -SST 10th

Last Answer : Issue-specific movements are those movements that seek to achieve a single objective within a limited time period. Whereas the General (or generic) movements are those movements that seek to achieve a broad goal in the very long term.

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Last Answer : If you need to buy Ativan you can find it at some land-based pharmacy and you can buy Ativan online. Before you start looking for this medication, you should find out what dose you need to ... medicines online at the best prices you can do by visiting us at our online pharmacy @riteaidpharmacy. org

Description : What is generic verb ? What is the action of Jenner ?

Last Answer : : The process of sudden increase in current level at a particular voltage when the reverse bias in a Zener diode is gradually increasing is called Zener action.

Description : what is the generic name for humalog 70/30 insulin

Last Answer : It is insulin isophane and insulin regular. http://www.drugs.com/mtm/insulin-isophane-and-insulin-regular.html

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Last Answer : Flyers - Cheap method, Find area which you would like to have business. Distribute Flyers to all mailboxes and highlighting the services you offer provided information, your contacts. Offering a ... Make poster reasonably visible and have removable tabs of discount coupons for customers to present.

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Last Answer : Need answer

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Last Answer : The name of the company that manufactures the product.Some generic products, rightly or wrongly, are perceived to beinferior to the Brand name product.The Brand name product is usually made by the ... could just as easily produce an inferior product. Atthat point Brand Image would become a factor.

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Last Answer : I am curious as to how long do Windows 8.1 Pro Generic ProductKey's last for trial use, before a cut off would happen forcomplete lockout?

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Last Answer : The GE Profile Spacemaker offers top of the line components and should provide reliable service for decades to come.

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Last Answer : Clonazepam is the generic version of the brand name medication Klonopin, so the dosage should be the same, 1mg to 1mg.

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Last Answer : The rise of extremely inexpensive shopping sites DX (DealExtreme), Monoprice, and several other retailers offering direct electronics sales to internet consumers has meant a growing dissatisfaction in many ways ... to what they buy, and as to what their expectations should be realistically set at.

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Last Answer : Ingredients1 c Grated Cheese1 c Half & Half4 lg Eggs1 Unbaked Pie Shell1 c Filling1 t Salt1 1/2 ts Herbs (your choice)1/8 ts Black pepperPreheat oven to 350F. Beat the eggs. Brush pie shell ... Suggest spinach, chopped brocoli, onion, green pepper, crab, shrimp, sausage, bacon, ham, turkey, etc.