The clavicles are the bones commonly referred to as: a) the shoulder blades b) the shin bones c) the collar bones d) none of the above

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Description : What is the cause of pain between the shoulder blades?

Last Answer : A pain in the shoulders is oftenly accompanied by a very sharp shooting pain in the upper part of the back.Some of its causes include, overusing of the muscles, signs of cancer like lung and ... your condition is serious then a surgery should be considered to repair the tendon in the shoulder areas.

Description : Wish bone of birds is from (a) pelvic girdle (b) skull (c) hind limbs (d) pectoral girdle/clavicles.

Last Answer : (d) pectoral girdle/clavicles.

Description : What does not show in Cleidocranial dysplasia:** A. Defective formation of clavicles B. Delayed closure of fontanelles C. Retention of maxilla D. Delayed eruption of permanent teeth E. None of the above

Last Answer : E. None of the above

Description : In human body, which one of the following is anatomically correct? (a) Collar bones - 3 pairs (b) Salivary glands - 1 pair (c) Cranial nerves - 10 pairs (d) Floating ribs - 2 pairs

Last Answer : (d) Floating ribs - 2 pairs

Description : Accumulation of crystalline depositions in articular surfaces, bones, soft tissue, and cartilage is referred to as a) tophi. Tophi, when problematic, are surgically excised. b) subchondral bone. Subchondral ... refers to the escape of fluid from the blood vessels or lymphatics into the joint cavity.

Last Answer : a) tophi. Tophi, when problematic, are surgically excised.

Description : The chemical name of "Plaster of Paris" commonly used for setting broken bones is – (1) Calcium nitrate (2) Calcium sulphate (3) Calcium carbonate (4) Calcium chloride

Last Answer : (2) Calcium sulphate Explanation: Plaster of Paris is the common name of Calcium Sulphate hemihydrate, with chemical formula: CaSO4.1/2H2O. Plaster of Paris is produced by heating gypsum to about 150°C.

Description : Localized rapid bone turnover, most commonly affecting the skull, femur, tibia, pelvic bones, and vertebrae, characterizes which of the following bone disorders? a) Osteitis deformans Osteitis ... that comes from extension of soft tissue infection, direct bone contamination, or hematogenous spread.

Last Answer : a) Osteitis deformans Osteitis deformans (Paget’s disease) results in bone that is highly vascularized and structurally weak, predisposing to pathologic fractures.

Description : The chemical name of “Plaster of Paris” commonly used for setting broken bones is (1) Calcium nitrate (2) Calcium sulphate (3) Calcium carbonate (4) Calcium chloride

Last Answer :  Calcium sulphate

Description : Who would win in a battle to the death, Fat Godzilla from the 2014 film, or Tiny Hands Godzilla from the 2016 film "Shin Godzilla"?

Last Answer : A deaf dumb and blind Bruce Lee….seriously.

Description : Running Gurus: Would you recommend shin splint support?

Last Answer : This part of has a wealth of information on shin splints. I don’t remember ever actually having pain in my shins so I can’t offer any personal advice.

Description : Advice for Shin Splints?

Last Answer : My understanding from med school is that shin splints are caused by repetitive microtrauma of one of the muscles in your leg that's involved in flexing your foot upwards. This is caused by overexertion of ... she recommended that you use these muscles more, to get them used to that level of usage.

Description : Advice for Shin Splints?

Last Answer : My understanding from med school is that shin splints are caused by repetitive microtrauma of one of the muscles in your leg that's involved in flexing your foot upwards. This is caused by overexertion of ... she recommended that you use these muscles more, to get them used to that level of usage.

Description : Which running shoes (long distance) are the best type for women with shin splints?

Last Answer : I can't help you answer your question but I can tell you that there are exercises that you can do to help eliminate your shin splints. Try googling it . I just spoke to a physical therapist about ... sneakers, I recommend New Balances but that's just because I've had mine forever and I love them.

Description : What can you do for shin splints?

Last Answer : Stand on your tippy-toes on the edge of a stair or curb then slowly lower your heel towards the ground.Do one leg at a time.I would stretch before and after :)

Description : Cause of, and treatment for, shin "dents"?

Last Answer : answer:Here is my advice (I am not in any way medically trained). If you have pain you should probably not run through it. A friend of mine is a longtime runner and experienced shin pain. The way ... knows the cause. If you're really not satisfied you can always get a second (third, fourth) opinion.

Description : Any recomendations on knee & shin guards for mountain biking?

Last Answer : look on ebay – and you should be wearing a leatt brace, too- you can find all brands on ebay.

Description : Advice on treating shin splints?

Last Answer : Shoes, shoes, shoes! Try the Vibram “barefoot” shoes.

Description : How do I get rid of my chronic shin splints?

Last Answer : I am not an expert, so take it with a grain of salt, but I have heard it can be the shoes, and that shoes “designed” for running may exacerbate the condition. Maybe you could ask a kinesiologist.

Description : What possible joint do I have in my shin?

Last Answer : answer:You could be feeling the beginnings of a condition called chondromalacia. I just had surgery to correct mine. Here's a link to explain what it is. ... that doesn't meet your description, check out shin splints:

Description : Any advice for shin splints?

Last Answer : First of all, don't be discouraged, as this is a perfectly normal step in the training process. Anyway, the number one rule is to remember to STRETCH! It seems like 90% of the time, people ... shins; for example, walking on your heels for an extended period of time or jogging downhill. Good luck!

Description : Everytime im jogging, I frequently get shin splints. What to do to prevent them?

Last Answer : Am tempted to ask, how often do you jog? Do you do it like 3 times a week, or is it once in a while. I used to experience the same problem some time back. not when am jogging but just ... to go to hospital to get checked. the muscles just get tensed up sometimes and they need a little tender care.

Description : In chapter 15 Shin Hoo told Jake Wexler that he thought he could speeze him in at the restaurant. Explain why this statemant is ironic?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Where can I find shin splint treatment?

Last Answer : There are many websites which explain the treatment of shin splints, such as, but the best treatment plans are prescribed by doctors. Shin splints are not just a condition, but a symptom, and your doctor can best identify the problem and suggest treatment.

Description : What is the best exercise to help treat shin splints?

Last Answer : It is recommended that one should stay off of their leg when experiencing symptoms due to shin splints. Icing the shin and taking anti-inflammatory painkillers is suggested.

Description : What are the best running shoes for shin splints?

Last Answer : If you are prone to shin splints, you should look for running shoes that have lots of support and cushioning that will prevent shock to the muscles in the lower leg. Also, try to avoid buying ... store that specializes in running, so they can help you find exactly what you need for your body.

Description : What are some great best running shoes for shin splints on sale?

Last Answer : I am not sure on the best shoes for shin splints. I have had them before and all you can do is rest, ice and pain medicine. Also you can do calf raises to strengthen your muscles to prevent future shin splints from occurring.

Description : what is the best shin splits treatment?

Last Answer : Your injury definitely needs to be treated by a doctor. If you have split your shin open, you will need to be evaluated to see if you need stitches. If the injury goes untreated, you could experience infection that could be life threatening.

Description : Is there a way to prevent or reduce shin splints?

Last Answer : Shin splints are the most common running injuries. To prevent shin splints, you should not increase the intensity of running too quickly. Pace yourself and allow for time to recover. Run on softer surface rather than harder and ensure that you get enough rest in between running routines.

Description : What are shin splints and how can they be treated?

Last Answer : Shin Splints are injuries to the front outer leg commonly caused by overuse. This type of injury calls for "relative rest" which includes: application of icepacks, front leg strengthening and stretching, and anti-inflammatory medicines.

Description : What is the best way of running with shin splints?

Last Answer : I would try to do stretch exercises first. Also make sure you have good running shoes, make sure to try the shoes on with the type of socks you will be wearing while running. Also you might like to include some swimming or cycling in your training program

Description : Where can I find examples of shin splints causes?

Last Answer : is a good site to check for shin splint causes. Some common causes of shin splints are improper footwear, constant foot impact, and muscle tightness.

Description : Can flat feet cause running shin?

Last Answer : According to research flat feet can cause running shin or shin splints. This is a common problem and with proper treatment and careful instructions it can be minimized.

Description : How can I treat and help prevent shin splints?

Last Answer : A simple method to prevent shin splints from occurring is to avoid over striding. Extra-long strides are a major cause of shin splits. It is important to consider the type of shoe you are using as ... the weaker muscles can help too, so try using toe-lifts and shin stretches on a regular basis.

Description : …………………………... moves the trash and roots from ahead of shin towords the main furrow so as 10 ensure complete coverage by the plough bottom a. Coulter b. Jointer c. Mould board d. Shin

Last Answer : b. Jointer

Description : How to Avoid Shin Splints

Last Answer : How to Avoid Shin Splints Shin splits are thorns in the sides of every competitive athlete. They can hamper anyone from performing exceptionally, since they induce much pain and discomfort. ... -free. Remember, atheltic performance means nothing if you are frequently relegated to nursing injuries.

Description : What are post secondary certificated programs commonly referred to as?

Last Answer : Vocational

Description : What country is valentine's day more commonly referred as lover's day what is the answer?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : (1) waste water released from kitchen Explanation: Sullage is a term used to descibe wastewater that wises as a byproduct of daily human activities such as showering, washing kitchen utensils, and doing ... a mixture of water, soap, detergent, bleach, dirt, and other compounds discarded after use.

Last Answer : A solution is - (1) a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances (2) a solid dissolved in a liquid (3) a solid dissolved i water (4) a mixture of two liquids

Description : Adiantum is commonly referred to as

Last Answer : walking fern

Description : When the nurse notes that the patient's left great toe deviates laterally, she recognizes that the patient has a a) hallux valgus. Hallux valgus is commonly referred to as a bunion. b) ... the forefoot. d) flatfoot. In flatfoot, the patient demonstrates a diminished longitudinal arch of the foot.

Last Answer : a) hallux valgus. Hallux valgus is commonly referred to as a bunion.

Description : A device which supplies a voltage is commonly referred to by what name?

Last Answer : A voltage source.

Description : When an organisation sets a limited number of prices for selected groups of merchandise, this idea is commonly referred to as A)prestige pricing. B)price lining. C)customary pricing. D)odd-even pricing. E)ethical pricing.

Last Answer : B)price lining.

Description : Sucrose is commonly referred to as ____. a. salt c. sugar b. carbohydrate d. glucose

Last Answer : c. sugar

Description : What common cell types are regulated by ion channels and are commonly referred to as excitable cells?

Last Answer : neurons, muscle cells, sensory receptor cells

Description : Close inspection of a failed metal part reveals artifacts on the fracture surface commonly referred to as "striations" or "beach marks". This indicates the component failed as a result of: w) Sudden overloading x) Cyclical loading y) Stress corrosion cracking z) None of the above


Description : Which of the following is commonly referred to as the "master gland" because it regulates so many body activities? Is it: a) pituitary gland b) adrenal gland c) thyroid gland d) none of these


Description : Would I be a bad person for not confronting my aunt about her use of a pronged collar on her dog?

Last Answer : Are the prongs facing outward, or digging into the dog’s neck?

Description : Why is there a bony lump in my right shoulder?

Last Answer : Perhaps it the end of part of your scapula (Acromion) sticking up slightly out of alignment. I have that bump on my right shoulder from lugging around a baritone sax for a year when I was in junior high. It happen slowly over time. I didn’t even notice it until years later.

Description : Does anyone here have experience with a citronella no-bark collar?

Last Answer : My neighbors got one for their dog. It was a poodle (small) and would bark incessantly over nothing. When they put it on, it didn’t take long for the dog to realize when it barked, it got sprayed. I don’t know if it was citronella or not, but it was effective. The dog settled down quite a bit.

Description : What brand of flea collar do you use for your doggy?

Last Answer : I saw a vet show and they advised NOT to use a flea collar and showed the damage to the dog that it does.