Scherbius Drive System

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Scherbius Drive System

















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Last Answer : .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Last Answer : For constant torque drive armature voltage control speed control method is preferred.

Description : The synchronous motor which works on leading power factor and does not drive any mechanical load is called?

Last Answer : The synchronous motor which works on leading power factor and does not drive any mechanical load is called synchronous condenser.

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Last Answer : AC means alternating current It's Frequency is 50hz Dc means direct current ItsI Frequency is 0Hz

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Last Answer : An electric drive is a complex electromechanical system that drives various actuators in industrial and industrial work machines. In this case, control is carried out using a technological process ... calculation of the kinematic and load characteristics of the electric drive is carried out.

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Last Answer : MOSFET gate drive circuit: The turning on and turning off of MOSFET can be controlled from gate to source voltage signal. If the gate to source voltage of MOSFET exceeds threshold ... this configuration, the two switches (transistors) are used in totem pole arrangement with a comparator.

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Last Answer : DC coupled drive circuit with unipolar output: The figure shows the circuit and waveforms

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Last Answer : Thyristor Gate Drive Circuit: The thyristor can be turned on by pulse voltage signal at gate terminal and it does not require continuous drive signal like the transistor. The gate ... circuit provide required minimum gate voltage and gate current then the thyristor conducts properly.

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Last Answer : Ans. Ideally, the voltage supply by the utility system should be perfect sine wave without any harmonics, at its nominal frequency of 50 Hz and at its nominal magnitude. In practice however voltage can ... load from one source to the other results in the least amount of disturbance seen by the load.

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Last Answer : There are tons of asteroids in our solar system. One of them, Asteroid 243 Ida, even has it's own moon. One of the moons of Saturn, called Mimas, is heavily cratered. This creates an odd appearance ... our solar system, the sun still accounts for 99.8 percent of the total mass of our solar system.

Description : Draw a neat sketch of Gating system. State the functions of any four elements.  

Last Answer : Gating system:  1. Sprue: The circular cross section that minimizes heat loss and turbulence is sprue, and the area of it is quantified from the choke area as well as the gating ratio.  2. ... the molten metal flow from the ingate has to be proportional to the casting area's volume. 

Description : Designate a tool 8 – 10 – 6 – 6 – 5 – 10 – 0.8 signature in ASA system.  

Last Answer : 1. Back rake angle-8 2. Side rake angle-10. 3. End relief angle-6. 4. Side relief angle-6 5. End cutting edge angle-5 6. Side cutting edge angle-10. 7. Nose radius-0.8 mm.

Description : Draw the labeled block diagram of process control system and explain each block.

Last Answer : Explanation - Process control system consists of process or plant, sensor, error detector, automatic Controller, actuator or control element. 1) Process or plant- process means some manufacturing sequence ... process which changes the process variable. Output of this block is denoted by u .

Description : Grid distribution system

Last Answer : Grid distribution system:-  In this system, when the feeder or loop or ring is charged (energized) by two or more than two substations from two or more than two different generating stations then it is known as “Grid distribution system. In this system only one feeder is utilized at a time. 

Description : Define: primary and secondary distribution system 

Last Answer : i) Primary Distribution:  It is a 3-phase, 3-wire transmission line connected in between receiving substation to Distribution substation. OR It is link between receiving substation & ... substation to consumer line. OR It is link between distribution transformer substation & consumer. 

Description : List classification of distributor system with their advantages each.

Last Answer : According to scheme of connection there are three types of distribution systems: - 1.Radial (Tree) distribution system 2.Ring mains (Loop) distribution system 3. Grid (interconnected) ... It has highest reliability to maintain supply even when there was maintenance on any one feeder.

Description : State advantages and disadvantages of radial distributor system. 

Last Answer : Advantages of radial distributor system: 1. Design of layout is simple. 2. Capital cost & Erecting cost is less as there is only one feeder. 3. Time required for completion of ... maintain supply to consumers when there is maintenance on feeder. 3. Voltage fluctuations are more.

Description : Summerise the role of power system engineer.

Last Answer : Role of power system engineer:  i. On the planning side he or she has to make decisions on how much electricity to generate  ii. For operation of the power system he has to plan for ... for energy conservation and load management. viii. For solving the power system problems he has to update with

Description : State the losses in secondary distribution system. 

Last Answer : The losses in secondary distribution system: a) Technical losses: 1. Due to poor voltage 2. Due to unbalance load 3. Due poor quality of transformer & its components 4. Due to poor quality ... of induction type of energy meter. 3. Lack of administration. 4. Energy theft 5. Unmetered supply

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Last Answer : Emergency lighting system:  In the residential, commercial and industrial areas, the illumination system work with available AC supply. In the event of AC supply failure, partial illumination can be ... glows. In rthis way, on failure of AC supply, light is obtained from DC supply.

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Last Answer : Characteristics of HI-FI amplifier: 1. Signal to noise ratio should be better than 50dB. 2. Frequency response should be flat within +-1dB. 3. Nonlinear distortion should not be more ... provided. 6. Environmental conditions should be such as to eliminate the external noise in listening room.