I have terrible diarrhea for the third day that does not stop at all. What should I do

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Answer :

What should you do? After three days of persistent diarrhea, I would see a doctor. Otherwise, I would recommend unsweetened mint tea and in larger quantities.

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Description : How does Pepto Bismol work to stop diarrhea?

Last Answer : To be honest I don't think anyone actually knows but it's thought to be a combination of things Firstly it coats the stomach thereby protecting it from irritation and also reducing irritation. ... irritant so quickly. Secondly it's thought that it kills some of the bacteria causing the diarrhoea.

Description : What foods will stop dog diarrhea?

Last Answer : When a dog has diarrhea it is best to eliminate anything unusual that has been added to the dogs diet recently. Stick to its basic food and avoid any snacks until the diarrhea subsides.

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Description : What is it if it's just vomitting and diarrhea but no cold symptoms?

Last Answer : Stomach virus or food poisoning likely.

Description : Do you have any tried and true suggestions for my Dakota and her diarrhea?

Last Answer : I’ve given her two small bowls of it over the last 4 hours….and she seems to be perking up. Maybe it’s calming her stomach, at least.

Description : After a severe bout of stomach flu and diarrhea what has proven effective for you to ease back into eating, getting some nourishment? Any particular brand of probiotics which worked for you?

Last Answer : answer:White rice. Bland bread. In small quantities. Only if no vomiting though. You mite could get some plain white rice from the place you got the egg drop soup, if you don't feel like cooking. ... chug water, but it sounds like you need something with a taste. Hope you feel better. Peace n love

Description : What to eat and drink and what to not, for diarrhea?

Last Answer : That list is a pretty good guide, and makes sense and is easily followed. Do you disagree with it?

Description : Why does diarrhea hurt my rectum?

Last Answer : answer:Combination of chemical and mechanical irritation - digestive enzymes, water, and toilet tissue in greater frequency than usual. Continue taking in fluids, avoiding alcohol, sugary beverages and acidic juices, ... Using a baby wipe soaked in a little 50% witch hazel can help with the burning.

Description : What can cause severe cramping, vomiting and diarrhea?

Last Answer : Gastroenteritis.

Description : What to do about puppy diarrhea?

Last Answer : answer:First, has she had a parvo shot? Second, puppies can dehydrate really quickly. You need to call your vet.

Description : When should you panic if your dog has diarrhea?

Last Answer : You do not want your dog to go more than two days with diarrhea without having him checked out by the vet. Take a sample of his stool with you.

Description : Why is my diarrhea so hot?

Last Answer : If it keeps happening I would go to the doctor. Im sorry…. :( Have you taken anything? like alkaseltzer(sp)?

Description : How many days of explosive diarrhea would you stand before seeking medical attention?

Last Answer : I’d go to the doctor right away if it’s explosive.

Description : How do I solve constant gas, diarrhea, gurgling, and abdominal pain?

Last Answer : I’m all about home remedies, but when things get serious and it’s not something obvious, you should definitely see a doctor. The Internet, unfortunately, does not have a degree in bariatric medicine.

Description : I need veterinary advice on what to do about my dog and his diarrhea...

Last Answer : This one is over my head, wait for Syz or pm her, she will know what to do.

Description : My 2 year old boy has this type of diarrhea with light red color...?

Last Answer : That’s pretty strange. Are you sure he hasn’t sneaked around and eaten something he shouldn’t have? Go to the doctor for sure.

Description : What are all the main foods that cause diarrhea?

Last Answer : Dairy and expired food….

Description : Medication question about diarrhea...

Last Answer : answer:Call your doctor-Some things shouldn’t be left to mere jellyfish :) I’m sure that the health professionals on this site would recommend the same as we have no idea about your medical history, allergies, or indications concerning your present prescription…good luck

Description : Why does fresh juice give people diarrhea?

Last Answer : Only if You are drinking on an empty stomach.Try eating something before juice.

Description : How do you remember how to spell diarrhea?

Last Answer : It's like one of my most frequently used words.

Description : We have just launched our new site on pet health with a comprehensive article on dog diarrhea. Since we did not see anything related to this topic yet on your site we were hoping you could ... to swap links if this is beneficial to you. Thank you for your consideration. Tony [email protected]

Last Answer : Actually, we do have an article about diarrhea in dogs. But we would be happy to consider a link to your article.

Description : Which fruit is better for diarrhea and stomach ailments ?

Last Answer : Eating raw quince fruit cures diarrhea and stomach ailments.

Description : What is the name of the bacterium that causes diarrhea ?

Last Answer : Different bacteria such as Salmonella , Shigella flexneri , Bacillus cereus , Escherichia coli, Vibrio etc. can cause diarrhea. Diarrhea Giardia , Entamiba is responsible for the national protozoa diarrhea. [Diarrhea]

Description : Which virus causes diarrhea ?

Last Answer : Diarrhea is caused by rotavirus and hepatitis virus.

Description : Which protozoan infection causes diarrhea ?

Last Answer : Entamoeba histolytica , a type of protozoa, and Sigella, a type of bacterial infection that causes diarrhea.

Description : Do you take medicine for diarrhea ?

Last Answer : Mix pomegranate leaf or pomegranate peel juice with Durbar juice and take it 3-4 times a day. Regular consumption of 10-15 will cure diarrhea. Rules of consumption: Durbar juice: 4-5 teaspoons. But of course take the advice of a good doctor.

Description : What is the meaning of the word diarrhea ?

Last Answer : The word diarrhea means hand.

Description : What is English for diarrhea ?

Last Answer : Dysentery in Dysentery English .

Description : Is it possible to drink milk if you have diarrhea or measles ?

Last Answer : No, if you have diarrhea or measles, you should not drink milk.

Description : How long should I take metronidazole 400 medicine for diarrhea ? How many more days will I eat ?

Last Answer : Eat first 3 days in the morning and night. If you still do not find a solution to the doctor's advice.

Description : What is the home remedy for diarrhea and vomiting in 5 month old babies ?

Last Answer : 1. The baby needs to be given more liquid food than usual to prevent dehydration. Such as rice starch , chira water , coconut water , or just water. 2. The child needs to be given plenty ... food otherwise he will suffer from malnutrition. Weekly: When to send the patient to the hospital or doctor

Description : Diarrhea is caused by drinking milk. What is the reason for this ?

Last Answer : : Drinking milk will not cause diarrhea but this problem is due to stomach problems. Basically due to extra vitamin and calorie foods and bacterial infections, diarrhea is caused. Anyway you don't drink milk now. ... on doctor's advice . Eat 3 days after meals. I hope you get rid of the problem.

Description : What causes bloody diarrhea ?

Last Answer : Blood diarrhea is from protozoa.

Description : What kind of disease is diarrhea ?

Last Answer : Diarrhea is a waterborne disease.

Last Answer : Diarrhea is a waterborne disease.

Last Answer : It is healthier for us to give up because of our eating habits. We eat a lot of rice and fibrous food. So eat lots of fibrous foods on prescription ; It does not need to be mentioned. We ... Although we are very concerned about the external, it is more important to keep an eye on the urine -

Last Answer : Sigella dysentery bacteria.

Last Answer : Rotavirus , Hepatitis - Virus Due Diarrhea Is

Last Answer : Come on Knowingly No Diarrhea If What? Do: Food Saline Diarrhea If To eat Will be Food Saline. Medicine Food Any Need No. Diarrhea If That Water, Salt Body From Out That 's it Eating Saline With ... Of course The doctor Advice To take Will be Either way Upside down Medicine To eat Will go No.

Description : If you go through me right away, won't it be absorbed?

Last Answer : De! Although absorbed, only vitamins and minerals are not completely absorbed.

Last Answer : Dieting is best and plenty of fluids. It can be taken with a tummy tuck, but it’s best to pay attention to what you eat.

Description : Hello, I have been suffering from daily diarrhea and excessive flatulence for a long time. No matter what I eat, as soon as I eat the food, a concert starts in the stomach and intestines. I'm a year after reflux surgery.

Last Answer : See a doctor. Nobody can investigate online

Description : I don't know if I have diarrhea after Sertraline, I have difficulty in the morning and I run around it all day with sparse rather yellow diarrhea. belly and when I will be able to end the saving diet and eat risotto, cucumber, onion, etc. Thank you, Dagmar

Last Answer : I think it would be best to consult a doctor for this. The operation may be the result of a recent operation. A sharp solution to diarrhea, especially with several medications, could cause even more serious problems.

Description : Any tips on diarrhea? What worked for you? Thanks

Last Answer : Try not to eat!

Description : hello, I have a nap the next day and diarrhea. can diarrhea be related to diarrhea?

Last Answer : Yes it can. I have diarrhea and sometimes fever. Mostly after a cold.

Description : I should take magnesium but I have diarrhea after it. I fly to the toilet after each use. Is there anything you can do about it?

Last Answer : I recommend starting with a low dose after a meal and gradually increasing it.

Description : What to do? She has diarrhea since morning. Should I wait or go to the vet?

Last Answer : If you have charcoal at home, give it to him .... the vet will probably do the same ....: D PS, so why do you hunt him like that? you should be sensible and give him normal portions ... you have it stated on ... as in humans ... only that dog is not responsible for his panic ... ☠ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☢

Description : After three years I started smoking again (about 8 a day) and I have diarrhea for several days. Could it be that?

Last Answer : Can - you swallow poison (especially tar) with saliva and the intestinal microflora is "defending".