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Description : What is your favourite unknown movie?

Last Answer : I am a big fan of small movies. Cop Car. Crawl. Dark City. The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen. Bad Times At The El Royale.

Description : Does anyone polish their shoes any more?

Last Answer : answer:Absolutely. Polish contains waxy oils that preserves leather’s softness. This is vital to the prevention of cracks. It also weatherproofs leather. This helps prevent contamination, especially by salt.

Description : What does it mean to be a man?

Last Answer : So, do you know what it means to be a teen-aged male or a boy?

Description : Overseas flight: Do I exchange my currency at departure or arrival?

Last Answer : I exchange a small-ish amount ($100 to $200) at departure and then more as I need it at my destination. Of course, I do most of my spending through credit cards, so they will do the exchange for me when it’s the most profitable for them.

Description : Investors shift from stocks to bonds. What does this mean?

Last Answer : answer:It is easy to explain the past. The future is more difficult - and that is the one that counts. From the article above it appears investors were betting that stocks would go down or under- ... you can afford to lose in what you believe will outperform the rest of the market. Good luck.

Description : If life insurance policy was worth $10,000.00 in 1955 how much will it be in 2009?

Last Answer : Unless the terms of the policy have changed, $10,000.

Description : Please just say nice things?

Last Answer : Donuts. Donuts are nice.

Description : What is it in humans that makes us create kings or elevate some to higher status?

Last Answer : I agree with your husband. People crave for leadership, crave for being told what to do. Some fit the job description in the eyes of the masses and are accepted as leaders.

Description : What is the name of this porno?

Last Answer : answer:Pornography or obscenity Debatable, but I think you’re in the clear actually, Del* has enlightened me.

Description : Can you buy a house if you have crappy credit and no down payment

Last Answer : yes…I did it. 100% financing. There are all kinds of programs out there including government ones.

Description : Whats your favorite color car

Last Answer : I would love to have a black car because it makes it look sleek, but hard to clean. So until I stop being lazy ill have a silver car because it doesn’t look as dirty when it is.

Description : what's expensive now but will cheap in a year?

Last Answer : the US dollar

Description : tiny black bugs on my hibiscus plant

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : how to protect cactus from freezing

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : I have three envelopes, into one of them I put a $20 note. I lay the envelopes out on a table in front of me and allow you to pick one envelope. You hold but do not open this envelope. I then ... it for the one on the table. Why? What would be the expected value to you of the exchange? -Riddles

Last Answer : The answer might seem a little counter intuitive at first but we'll see... The short answer is that it is in your advantage to exchange. But why? Well initially there was a 1/3 chance that you were holding ... /3 of $20 and afterwards you will have 2/3 of $20, ie the advantage to you is about $6.66

Description : MCQ Questions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 12 Heron's Formula with answers Heron`s Formula -Maths 9th

Last Answer : Below you will find MCQ Questions of Chapter 12 Heron's Formula Class 9 Maths Free PDF Download that will help you in gaining good marks in the examinations and also cracking competitive exams. ... Heron's Formula MCQ Questions will help you in practising more and more questions in less time.

Description : What is the meaning of the name Huzaifa ?

Last Answer : Huzaifa is the name of a Companion.

Description : Which chemical catches fire easily ?

Last Answer : Chemically combustible substances.

Description : [img] https:///wp-content/uploads/2016/01/teszt13.jpg [/ img] Only 1. Only 2. Both 1 and 2.

Last Answer : 2. Only 2.

Description : How do you reset camshaft reset valve exhaust signal too low ECM- 616D?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : What made it possible for long ocean voyage during the age of exploration?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : What type of mixture is a watermelon?

Last Answer : This is a heterogeneous mixture.

Description : Why do astronomer's believe they can learn about early earth by studying comets?

Last Answer : Because comets were created about the same time as theEarth.

Description : How is IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA prevented?

Last Answer : The best way is to maintain a healthy diet though sometimes,especially with pregnant women, supplements maybe required. a dietrich in leafy vegetables is a good start.

Description : What is the message of the poem Water and fire of Jose Rizal?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : What is the mass of 1.5 moles of MgCl2?

Last Answer : The molar mass (mass of 1 mole) of MgCl2 is 95.205 g/mol. To determine the mass of 1.5 mol MgCl2, multiply the moles by the molar mass.Molar mass MgCl2 = (1 x 24.305 g/mol Mg) + (2 x 35.45 ... mol MgCl21.5 mol MgCl2 x (95.205 g MgCl2)/(1 mol MgCl2) = 150 g MgCl2 (rounded to two significant figures)

Description : Will the Pioneer CDX-FM687 6-Disc CD Changer work with any head unit?

Last Answer : The Pioneer CDX-FM687 will work with any head unit, but works best with other Pioneer units.

Description : Need a female halfway house in 25 mile radius of sumner county?

Last Answer : Halfway houses are maintained by a variety of organizations on behalf of the court and the penal system. You would have to ask the court for information regarding locations, but it is doubtful ... These facilities are maintained to house court referrals, not for public accommodation or "walk-ins."

Description : Get Familiar with the Different Types of Inhalers for Asthma?

Last Answer : Inhalers for Asthma are portable devices that are held in the hand and used to distribute medication into the lungs. They are the most efficient way to get medicine into the airways and reduce swelling and ... asthma can be difficult for young children to use, a nebulizer can be used in its place.

Description : What are the advantages of a 14 inch laptop?

Last Answer : A good size laptop is about 14 inches and above. The advantage is having a bigger screen for you to see. You can purchase these kind of laptops at any local electronic store.

Description : Catering Services?

Last Answer : form_title=Catering Services form_header=Hire a seasoned caterer for your next event! Please describe the event in detail.=_ Where and when will the event be held?=_ Do any of your attendees require special food items?= () Yes () No () Not Sure

Description : Set up a Checking Account?

Last Answer : form_title=Set up a Checking Account form_header=Before you can buy a vehicle, you'll need to provide proof of financing. Do you have any other financial accounts?=_ How much money do you want to put into the account?=_ Do you have access to direct deposti?= () Yes () No

Description : What is a skycaddie and what does it do?

Last Answer : A SkyCaddie is global positioning technology that maps Golf courses. It permits golfers to find out the yardages during rounds.

Description : What continent is Britain in?

Last Answer : The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is located in Europe. Hope this helps :)

Description : Does Earl Warren have children?

Last Answer : Yes, Earl Warren has 6 kids.

Description : Is Buddhism older than Judaism?

Last Answer : Buddhism is no older than the Buddha, who was born no earlier than 563 BCE. The Babylonian exile began around 597 BCE. By that time, the first Temple in Jerusalem had been in place for ... that Buddhism also evolved in significant ways, leading us back to the original conclusion, Judaism is older.

Description : Which of the following statements regarding T.C.A cycle is true? (A) It is an anaerobic process (B) It occurs in cytosol (C) It contains no intermediates for Gluconeogenesis (D) It is amphibolic in nature

Last Answer : D

Description : Find the missing numbers in the following number series: “13 3 5 5 7 7 _________” A. 8 8 B. 10 10 C. 9 9 D. None of these

Last Answer : ANSWER: C

Description : One of the following is among the types of fiber optics used in electronics communication. A. Step-index multimode B. Graded-index multimode C. Semi-graded multimode D. Single mode

Last Answer : C. Semi-graded multimode

Description : Which infectious disease affects the brain and the nerves?

Last Answer : Poliomyelitis

Description : When both ovaries are removed from rat then which hormone is decreased in blood? (a) Oxytocin (b) Prolactin (c) Estrogen (d) Gonadotropin releasing factor

Last Answer : (c) Estrogen

Description : Which is not a digital marketing tool? 1. Google Ads 2. Google Keyword planner 3. Google play 4. Google analytics

Last Answer : Google Pay

Description : RTF stands for: a) Rich Text Format b) Reliable Text Format c) Resting Text Format d) None of These

Last Answer : a) Rich Text Format

Description : If a voltage divider is required for a load that will use 450 mA of current, what should be the value of bleeder current?

Last Answer : 45 mA rule-of-thumb.

Description : Choose the correct statement about use of βadrenergic blockers in CHF: A. All β blockers are equally effective in CHF B. They are used as alternative to conventional therapy with ... dysfunction due to dilated cardiomyopathy D. They are indicated only in asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction

Last Answer : C. They are most useful in mild to moderate cases with systolic dysfunction due to dilated cardiomyopathy

Description : Which of the following an accurate statement about internet phone calls? a. They are possible but not yet free b. They are not possible c. They are currently standard practice d. None of the above is an accurate statement about internet phone calls

Last Answer : a. They are possible but not yet free

Description : The following mydriatic does not produce cycloplegia: A. Phenylephrine B. Tropicamide C. Cyclopentolate D. Homatropine

Last Answer : A. Phenylephrine

Description : Chemical equation is balanced according to the law of [AMU 1984] (A) Multiple proportion (B) Reciprocal proportion (C) Conservation of mass (D) Definite proportions

Last Answer : (C) Conservation of mass

Description : Give the list of chemicals which are used as bactericide?

Last Answer : List of Bactericides i. Chlorocresol . 0. 2% ii. Phenyl mercuric nitrate or acetate 0.002% iii. Benzalkonium chloride 0.01% iv. Thiomersal 0.01% v. Chlorohexidine acetate 0.01%

Description : Whenever the conductors are dead-ended of there is a change in the direction of a transmission line, the insulator. used are of the?

Last Answer : Whenever the conductors are dead-ended of there is a change in the direction of a transmission line, the insulator. used are of the strain type.