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Description : When you delete pictures, does it make you feel guilty?

Last Answer : Never.

Description : Should bottled water be banned?

Last Answer : answer: One of the worst questions I have seen here, for several reasons. It's never going to happen, ever, it's too large an industry with countless different companies. Yes, it pollutes, ... of other things a government could do to reduce pollution, bottled water is nothing compared to a lot.

Description : Why does Rep. Broun want to be on the science committee?

Last Answer : answer:1. Put on sheep lab costume. 2. Say Baa = mc squared. 3. Snack on tasty tasty sheepicists. Simple.

Description : What is the number for operator assist in NYC?

Last Answer : answer:The exit code you'll need to dial from the US is 011. The country code for NZ is 64. Following that you'll need a 1-digit NZ area code and 7-digit local (NZ) number for your party, and ... Westport 3 (It's prettier in the web site's table.) How to call New Zealand from the US and Canada.

Description : What is your desktop background and what does it say about you?

Last Answer : answer:That picture makes my heart want to stop. Yikes! Mine is set to scroll through a folder of pics of the kids, so it changes to a different photo every minute. I'm not sure what that ... . I would add a screenshot, but since the picture is constantly changing that is a little bit senseless.

Description : So.....what would happen if the speed limit was raised everywhere by 10MPH?

Last Answer : I would burn more gas. And, not get much further.

Description : How to have hard core self discipline?

Last Answer : You could join the military…

Description : Is it dangerous to drink too much water?

Last Answer : Yes you can drink too much water.

Description : Food Question. I found Celery Bugs?

Last Answer : A centipede? Gross! I’ve made a salad before that had at least one caterpillar. Yes my local grocer is that fresh.

Description : Can you recommend a programming application for kids?

Last Answer : answer:Visual Basic is the easiest out there as far as I'm aware of. I took a class back sophomore year in highschool and it was as simple as anything, not to much coding in it, and it's good ... either, then it got deleted :( But yea I'd suggest Visual Basic, it's an excellent starting point.

Description : why are my gardenia leaves turning yellow?

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : can you plant a bismark palm on or near a septic field

Last Answer : you also have a drain field near the septic system....nothing is supposed to be planted near that system because of the root system.

Description : Explain the three conditions that determine MNCs setting up production in other countries. -SST 10th

Last Answer : 1. MNC's set up production in countries where there is ample of availability of skilled and unskilled labour at a low cost. In order to get a hold of the market as well as for ... s (Business Process Outsourcing) has led to a significant rise in demand for people having good communication skills.

Description : How does money act as medium of exchange ? -SST 10th

Last Answer : It acts as an intermediate in the exchange process and transactions. We can buy things if we have money in our pockets.

Description : Which of these are all table tags? (a) ,, (b) , , (c) , (d) , , -Technology

Last Answer : , ,are all table tags.

Description : Who IS 13..13.230..5164 HP Printer Customer Services Phone Number?

Last Answer : Helpline Customer Care became in Concord, it wasn't unusual to find Frank Allocco Jr. sitting in the stands at Clayton Valley HP Printer boys Basketball games. He still remembers watching Brian Sullivan cement ... Then, for Over a decade, Alloco became his father's right-hand man on phone. Numb

Description : If I have a cold, can I also have a hot?

Last Answer : Wife maybe.

Description : How many types of radham and what are they ?

Last Answer : There are two types of RAM. Namely: 1. S RAM and 2. D-RAM. S-RAM is static RAM and D-RAM is dynamic RAM.

Description : What is the meaning of the name Madah ?

Last Answer : : The Arabic name Madah means "one who praises".

Description : How many threads are there ?

Last Answer : 3 drawn wire formulas.

Description : What is energy ?

Last Answer : energy scalar quantity.

Last Answer : : The signal for sodium hydroxide is NAOH

Last Answer : In 1991, the population was 12 crore 14 lakhs.

Description : I know the text, but there is a bit of uncertainty in one of the two places. :)

Last Answer : Come: The Prayer of the Lord (Our Father) May our Father who is in heaven, hallowed be thy name; let your country come; let thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us our daily bread today ... deliver us from evil. (For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever.) Amen.

Description : Which book made a deep impression on you?

Last Answer : 1984, a thought-provoking book.

Description : Do you think motorcycles are a safe way to travel on busy highways and freeways?

Last Answer : Well, it depends from where you are considering driving them. If you are in India or in Brazil motorbikes can be quite dangerous due to the traffic if you are in certain areas in Canada it ... ok. Now if you want to take busy highways I would rather advise you to drive a car instead.

Description : Answer: 100

Last Answer : A baker’s dozen is equal to which number?

Description : What is 230 over 500 in simplest form?

Last Answer : 23/50

Description : What is prefix for merged?

Last Answer : Im

Description : What attacks did the British leaders against American forces in the war of 1812?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : Who is at PO Box 9001043 Louisville KY 9001043?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : Who is javier Reyes?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : How could you increase the pressure the block exerts on the table?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Does the Samsung DVD-V9800 upconvert a VHS tape or just dvds?

Last Answer : No a VHS tape isn't in a format which the upconverting can work with well.However some forum users have discussed somehow rigging it back on itself so that the video goes through the dvd player and does upconvert.

Description : Are there any shoes with cartoon characters on them for kids?

Last Answer : Yes,there are shoes like Dora and Spongebob shoes which you can get from foot wear retailers like Famous Footwear or JCPenney.

Description : Rear Window Glass Repair?

Last Answer : Side and Rear Glass repair We also offer a complete side and rear glass replacement and repair service. All you need to do is tell us over the phone which panel of glass is damaged, and we can ... glass is described as if you were sitting in the car, so Continue reading Side and Rear Glass repair

Description : i did not went yesterday. is this sentnce correct?

Last Answer : i did not went yesterday. is this sentnce correct?

Description : Is Joss Stone tall?

Last Answer : Joss Stone is from 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 10.

Description : The dormancy due to low temperature and moisture conditions

Last Answer : Ans. Stratification

Description : Indian Parliament Means – (1) Rajya Sabha - Lok Sabha (2) Rajya Sabha - Lok Sabha - Prime Minister (3) President of India - Rajya Sabha - Lok Sabha (4) President of India - Vice-President of India - Lok Sabha - Rajya Sabha

Last Answer : (3) President of India - Rajya Sabha - Lok Sabha Explanation: The Parliament comprises the President of India and the two Houses Lok Sabha (House of the People) and Rajya Sabha (Council of States).

Description : An Alternator is found to have its terminal voltage on load condition more than that on no load. What is the nature of the load connected?

Last Answer : The nature of the load is of leading power factor , load consisting of resistance and capacitive reactance.

Description : What is the transition zone between two Ecosystems called?

Last Answer : Ecotone

Description : The dynamic viscosity of the liquid __________ with rise in temperature. (A) Remain unaffected (B) Increases (C) Decreases (D) None of these

Last Answer : Answer: Option C

Description : Serum prolactin levels are highest in which of the following conditions: a) Menopause. b) Ovulation. c) Parturition. d) Sleep. e) Running.

Last Answer : c) Parturition.

Description : In flange splices when the number of hammer and hand loose rivets is 30% or more of the total rivets on any side of the splice location, a) Need no be renewed b) wait for 100% loose rivets c) all the rivets should be renewed.* d) None of the above

Last Answer : c) all the rivets should be renewed.*

Description : __________ is the branch of cyber security that deals with morality and provides different theories and a principle regarding the view-points about what is right and wrong. a) Social ethics b) Ethics in cyber-security c) Corporate ethics d) Ethics in black hat hacking

Last Answer : d) Ethics in black hat hacking

Description : Which of the following is a specific inhibitor of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase and is useful in the treatment of methanol poisoning: A. Disulfiram B. Ethylene glycol C. Calcium leucovorin D. Fomepizole

Last Answer : D. Fomepizole

Description : Expectancy theory is an example of a: (a) Process Theory ; (b) Goal-setting Theory ; (c) Needs Theory ; (d) Cognitive Evaluation Theory

Last Answer : (a) Process Theory ; 

Description : Explain determination of coefficient of permeability by constant head method.

Last Answer : Procedure of determination of coefficient of permeability by constant head method: 1. Take 2.5 Kg air dried soil sample passing through 9.5mm IS sieve. Add the water in soil equals to its ... . Repeat all above steps two more times to get average coefficient of permeability of given soil sample.

Description : “In all cases of electromagnetic induction, an induced voltage will cause a current to flow in a closed circuit in such a direction that the magnetic field which is caused by that current will oppose the change that produces the current” is the original statement of

Last Answer : “In all cases of electromagnetic induction, an induced voltage will cause a current to flow in a closed circuit in such a direction that the magnetic field which is caused by that current will oppose the change that produces the current” is the original statement of Lenz’s law.