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Description : Why do some people do the same things they find gross when other people do it?

Last Answer : Double dipping food.

Description : What were your children taught about the Holocaust in school, and do you believe 6 million Jewish people were killed?

Last Answer : But yeah, those non-believers are also very present in the following numbers: __Almost half (45 percent) of Americans were unable to name a single concentration camp, and the number was even worse for ... ). Two-thirds (66 percent) of millennials were unable to explain what Auschwitz was.__ ...

Description : In general, what should we not take at the same time we take our antibiotics?

Last Answer : Vitamin C or any diuretics. Avoid, caffeine, juices and alcohol. Especially beer. You don’t want to piss the medication away. Oh, and probably probiotics.

Description : Should I adjust my storm door?

Last Answer : answer:All our very high end doors need this extra push to seal properly. Not to say you should accept this reality if anything this hinky quality forces you to shut the door to complete the seal on ... out Anderson doors are 10 years old and I am sure they worked much more smoothly 10 years ago.

Description : IN & OUT in 2012?

Last Answer : answer:In: and Out Burger. Out: back restaurants. In: sanity. Out: houses.

Description : Could someone give me a step by step guide for using my windows firewall (or something that will do the job) to block certain programs from transferring and receiving data across the web?

Last Answer : Download and install comodo internet security After installation, open it, go to the “firewall” tab, click “define new blocked application”, select -> browse, then select the executable file you want to block, -> click “apply” -> done

Description : I want to make the ultimate melt in the mouth chocolate truffles as a present for someone. Any help and tips PLEASE.

Last Answer : Use a really high quality chocolate like Scharffen Berger or Valrhona..

Description : Can I test drive and/or buy a vehicle with only a permit?

Last Answer : You could test drive it from a private seller with a licensed driver if the owner agrees. I doubt a car dealer would allow it for insurance reasons.

Description : Is second hand smoke more dangerous then actually smoking?

Last Answer : No, but it is dangerous. It can cause disease like lung cancer.

Description : Why do you think it is that people on the internet can be so harsh with their comments and opinions?

Last Answer : I think it has a lot to do with the anonymous aspect of the internet. Also, even if the person isn't anonymous I think it has to do with the fact that you really don't know these people, unless you ... to. Much more so than with people they aren't. (Does that make any sense the way I worded it?)

Description : What exactly is push data, and what does it push?

Last Answer : I think you're right. Push data transfers automatically to your phone. If you have an iPhone and a MobileMe account, calender and contact info that you update on your desktop are automatically sent to your ... to launch the mobile app, like Mail or Calender, and have it ask the server for updates.

Description : What kind of exercises do I do when taking creatine? I have a weight bench at home nothing fancy?

Last Answer : Protein and a small amount of carbs.

Description : How do you insure a vintage vehicle that's not in Blue Book?

Last Answer : I thought all vehicles that were built over .. oooh a CB, all vehicles that were built before a certain date could have a vintage tag?

Description : Who developed the first printing press ? -SST 10th

Last Answer : Johann Guttenberg of Germany-1430.

Description : Growth of pollen tube. -Biology

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Where is the only active volcano in India? -General Knowledge

Last Answer : answer:

Description : When did the US drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan? -General Knowledge

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Who is Daniel's father?

Last Answer : Alan George Radcliffe

Description : Why isn't the wifi connection coming online despite being full ?

Last Answer : First of all you have to see if the server is free. If not, you must be connected with a password. Secondly, if you want to connect from mobile to mobile, then the mobile from which you want to take the connection must have data on.

Description : What is Plasma Membrane ?

Last Answer : : The elastic and semi-permeable living membrane that surrounds all pratoplasm beneath the cell wall is called plasma membrane , cell membrane , cytomembrane or cell membrane.

Description : Which is the biggest benefit of e-governance ?

Last Answer : Free flow of information.

Last Answer : Where Of water Huge Resources There are, Deep And Different Of the river With Added Him The sea Says.

Description : Girls with small breasts, why are they upset about it? Do they really have to be so ashamed?

Last Answer : Because they think that's all that matters today. And for most guys, for example, the butt is more important, and nowadays it’s so easy to get to know each other that you’re sure to find a mate if you’re not nervous about the size of your breasts, even then.

Description : In English, how do I ask which one?

Last Answer : Which one?

Description : What is the sum of highest and lowest oxidation states for oxygen family

Last Answer : What is the sum of highest and lowest oxidation states for oxygen family

Description : What is the name of the macro molecules that make up DNA?

Last Answer : Nucleic acids.

Description : What fraction is 2 feet of a yard?

Last Answer : It is 2/3 of a yard

Description : How can you make a career of nursing and travel?

Last Answer : A career combining nursing with travel can be a wonderful experience. Military nurses often are assigned duty posts around the world. Cruise companies hire nurses for duty aboard cruise ships. Private nursing positions with wealthy, travelling clients are also possible.

Description : how long can a parent not be in contact with their child before it is considered abandonment?

Last Answer : Abandonment of a child from a legal stand point varies from state to state as well as the age of the child and whether the separation was willful on the part of the parent, initiated by the child or the parent ... be called in case of emergency, what time of day was it, and the list goes on and on!

Description : How much does it cost to install surveillance cameras?

Last Answer : The price for installation of security cameras would depend on your location and the type of equipment needed. Here is an example: Medium security 2 cameras from around $900 to $1500 High security would be $2,000 or more.

Description : which term best describes the battle of Gettysburg?

Last Answer : it was a turning point in history for the USA

Description : What is Pitbull's favorite sport?

Last Answer : Baseball.

Description : Is Kingston a Muslim?

Last Answer : No, he is a christian

Description : Is the Earth 4 billion or 6000 years old?

Last Answer : By dating the rocks in Earth's ever-changing crust, as well as the rocks in Earth's neighbors, such as the moon and visiting meteorites, scientists have calculated that Earth is 4.54 billion years old, with an error range of 50 million years.

Description : How did the atomic bomb wings of hero Shima and Nagasaki illustrate the idea that world war 2 was a total war?

Last Answer : an American B-29 bomber dropped the world's first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Description : 8.28 Divided by 92?

Last Answer : 0.09

Description : The striking feature of the Indus Valley Civilization was

Last Answer : sUrban Civilization

Description : Grassland plains located in Argentina are called: A. Prairies B. Downs C. Steppes D. Pampas

Last Answer : ANSWER: D

Description : A table is classified as a parent table and you want to drop and re-create it. How would you do this without affecting the children tables?

Last Answer : Disable the foreign key constraint to the parent, drop the table, re- create the table, enable the foreign key constraint.

Description : __________ fibres are made of polyamides. (A) Dacron (B) Nylon (C) Rayon (D) Orion

Last Answer : (B) Nylon

Description : How can we control pollution?

Last Answer : Some of the important measures to be taken for pollution control are: - i) Use of lead free and low sulfur fuels. ii) Appreciated use of environmental friendly products e.g. natural gas ... ) Proper disposal of municipal and hospital solid wastes. x) Maximum plantation to maintain the ecosystem. 

Description : Which of the following is least likely to be required on an audit? a. Review accounting estimates for biases b. Test appropriateness of journal entries and adjustment c. Make a legal determination of whether fraud has occurred d. Evaluate the business rationale for significant, unusual transactions

Last Answer : Make a legal determination of whether fraud has occurred

Description : If e0, e 0' have their usual meanings, the coefficient of compressibility (ac ), is given by (A) ac = (e - e0)/(e' + e0') (B) ac = (e0 - e)/( - 0') (C) ac = ( - 0')/(e0 - e) (D) ac = ( 0' - )/(e - e0)

Last Answer : Answer: Option B

Description : The free energy change for a chemical reaction is given by (where, K = equilibrium constant) (A) RT ln K (B) -RT ln K (C) -R ln K (D) T ln K

Last Answer : (B) -RT ln K

Description : Which is associated with geology- —

Last Answer : Paleontology

Description : Change request should be submitted through development or program management. A change request must be written and should include the following criteria. I. Definition of the change II. Documentation to be updated III. Name of the tester ... and IV B. I, II and III C. II, III and IV D. I, II and IV

Last Answer : D. I, II and IV

Description : What is your bond rate? The prime rate is 10%; your current bond rating slipped one category (from AAA to AA). a. 12.1% b. 10.5% c. 11.4% d. 11.2%

Last Answer : b. 10.5%

Description : Diabetes and Pregnancy

Last Answer : Diabetes and Pregnancy When you are pregnant, there are number of things you have to ensure for you as well as your baby's health. And if you are prone with diabetes, then you need to be ... And ensure your diabetes is under control while you are pregnant will help you to enjoy the pregnancy more.

Description : Which is the most important aspect of the teacher's role in learning? (A) The development of insight into what constitutes an adequate performance (B) The development of insight into ... The provision of encouragement and moral support (D) The provision of continuous diagnostic and remedial help

Last Answer : (C) The provision of encouragement and moral support

Description : Doctor of medicine profession (MD)?

Last Answer : Alternative NamesM.D. professionInformationThe practice of medicine in the United States dates back to colonial times (early 1600s). At the beginning of the 17th century, medical practice in England ... . University-prepared MDs from England, upon their arrival in America, were expected to als