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Description : आप अपनी बाजू को कोहनी से हिलाएं। क्या आप इसे अलग-अलग दिशाओं में घुमा सकते हैं? यदि हाँ, तो इस जोड़ का नाम बताएं।

Description : Franking machine helps in printing address on an envelope/parcel True/False.

Description : यदि अनाज को कीड़ा लग जाये तो उसकी सुरक्षा के लिए क्या काना चाहिए ?

Description : Haven't had soda in 5 years. How will my body most likely react if I drink 2 or 3 sodas in an hour?

Last Answer : answer:Probably similar to drinking three strong cups of espresso in an hour. Try it and see. Consider it a bio/chem experiment for mankind. You'd certainly be wired. Drink them from 8 - 9 AM so as not to ... a good night's sleep. And even if it does, by the next morning it will just be a memory.

Description : What is the best way to warm up french fries?

Last Answer : I’d like to hear too; I’ve never been able to figure out a way so I just leave them at the restaurant.

Description : Is this how you define "elite" regarding how it is used in politics?

Last Answer : In general someone who is perceived to be above “average” by a common measure. In a negative way basically the same as elitist. Political leaning: to the left on most issues.

Description : Jobs in Reno, Nevada for a sixteen year old?

Last Answer : Only thing I can think of for a 16 year old is bus boy. Unless you want to work for yourself mowing lawns, pulling weeds, washing cars, etc.

Description : How should me and my long distance boyfriend work out who visits?

Last Answer : Have you told him the reasons you want him to visit you in Ohio? You expressed your points very well here. If you have, how does he react? Does he just blow them off and reiterate ... the vast majority of the work into making your relationship happen. What does he contribute to the relationship?

Description : Is it possible to pinpoint and fix your own problems w/out shrinks?

Last Answer : I’ve been to clinics on several occasions. The only role the psychiatrist would play is sort of a backboard which I would bounce ideas off of. They don’t pinpoint or fix your problems, they more just guide you.

Description : What was your pet name as a child?

Last Answer : You piece of shit.

Description : Does anyone still have any of their childhood toys?

Last Answer : Yes, I do. But they only get played with when I’m hunting under the bed for my lost sock. Toy dinosaurs, polly pockets, and barbie dolls are among my favourite old toys.

Description : Is there a preference to open files at 100% in Photoshop (CS3)?

Last Answer : answer:Not that I know of… although on the other hand, starting with fit zoom is useful for making sure you’re working on the current version and that there are no anomalies before you get started. Out of interest, what type of work do you use Photoshop for?

Description : Something Good To Heal My Cough?

Last Answer : Ri-co-la

Description : Question regarding growing dwarf spreading St. John's Wort (Hypericum calycinum). Appreciate any feedback.

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : What are ttreatments ffor yucca plant pests?

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : P is the mid-point of the side CD of a parallelogram ABCD. -Maths 9th

Last Answer : According to question prove that DA = AR and CQ = QR.

Description : You need to measure the mass of a sample. Which of the following tools should you use?

Last Answer : balance

Description : How long is Al Mamun the Abbasid Caliph ?

Last Answer : Al Mamun was the seventh Abbasid Caliph.

Description : What is Shellproof ?

Last Answer : A bullet that can withstand a blow.

Description : In which part of the country mango yield is good ?

Last Answer : Mango yield is good in Rajshahi region of this country.

Last Answer : Organization of the African continent.

Description : What's the acronym for FAQ?

Last Answer : FAQ is an acronym for frequently asked questions.

Description : Who is the person you are looking for? He's not your brother. But your mother and father are a common child.

Last Answer : The solution is I think.

Description : where can i find girls luccini shoes in a size 37?

Last Answer : It appears this shoes are sold mainly in eBay stores. Check here

Description : In female cockroach, how many ovarian tubules or ovarioles are present ?

Last Answer : In female cockroach, how many ovarian tubules or ovarioles are present ? A. 3 B. 6 C. 8 D. 16

Description : What blank inside the stratosphere blocks ultraviolent radiation?

Last Answer : The ozone layer blocks ultraviolet radiation

Description : How is king Henry viii religious philosophy different from the catholic church?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Is peggy Lennon of the Lawrence welk show still alive?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : How much money does physical therapy school cost?

Last Answer : For a 2-year physical therapy program at a community college, the cost for tuition and fees are likely to run from $7,000 - 10,000. For a 2 1/2 year doctoral program at a private ... therapy school, it is important to choose a program that is accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Description : How often should you have to reboot your cable modem?

Last Answer : You should only need to reboot after connecting new deviced and maybe after a power failure.

Description : Can I move my IRA from one broker to another without incurring a penalty I'm not happy with my broker Wichita, KS?

Last Answer : There are 2 choices left for moving an IRA from one broker to another. If they are done in a proper way, you will not have to pay any penalty fees in both way. Both are tax free ... custodian (brokerage or mutual fund organization) move the money for you and no check ever passes through your hands.

Description : What is the warranty time period for this product?

Last Answer : In the US the warranty period on this product would usually be 1 year from purchase if brought in a new condition. You should double check with the store prior to purchase as this can sometimes change.

Description : Ox Tail Soup?

Last Answer : Ingredients1 1/2 lb Cut ox tail1 1/2 qt Water1 tb Salt1/2 c Diced onion1 c Diced raw carrots1/2 c Diced raw celery2 tb White rice1 c Cooked tomatoesBrown ox tails well in hot fat. ADD: Simmer ... soup may be made the day before eating - then the fat is easily removed. Heat through before eating.

Description : How can I locate an authorized dealer for the Kubota Tractor Corporation Is there an 800 number?

Last Answer : You can find resources for a Kubota M7040 at You can also call (888)476-7126 for more information.

Description : Does Dale Robertson have kids?

Last Answer : Yes, Dale Robertson has 3 kids.

Description : Males = xy, ___ =xx?

Last Answer : Females' eggs always provide an X. If the sperm is X, the child is female (XX); if it is Y, the child is male (XY).

Description : Which is NOT a central Service? (1) Indian Police Service (2) Indian Foreign Service (3) Indian Audit & Accounts Service (4) Indian Revenue Service

Last Answer : (1) Indian Police Service Explanation: The Central Civil Services are concerned with the administration of the Union Government. All appointments to Civil Services, Group A are made by the President of ... India Civil Services (AIS), the appointments of which are made by the President of India.

Description : Which is used as an Air pollution indicator? (1) Algae (2) Fungi (3) Bacteria (4) Lichens

Last Answer : (4) Lichens Explanation: Lichens are used as air pollution indicators, especially of the concentration of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. If air is very badly polluted with sulphur dioxide there may be no ... may be found. If the air is clean, shrub-by, hairy and leafy lichens become abundant.

Description : Modern periodic table contains?

Last Answer : 7 horizontal rows and 18 vertical columns

Description : What is cartilage tissue?

Last Answer : Cartilage is a specialized connective tissue which is non-porous, elastic and flexible.

Description : What do you know about the relationship of Biology with other sciences? 

Last Answer : Biophysics It deals with study of those laws of physics which are applicable on biological phenomena. Biochemistry It is the study of chemicals found in living things. Biometry The data collected ... region. Bio-economics It deals with the study of organism from economic point of view.

Description : In a flow net (A) Flow lines and equipotential lines cross each other at right angles (B) Fields are rectangles whose length is twice the breadth (C) Smaller the dimensions of the field, ... gradient and velocity of flow through it (D) For homogeneous soil, the curves are smooth and circular

Last Answer : Option A

Description : For a typical project, the cumulative cash flow is zero at the (A) End of the project life (B) Breakeven point (C) Start up (D) End of the design stage

Last Answer : (B) Breakeven point

Description : Which of the following is the third stage in the metamorphosis of a butterfly

Last Answer : Pupa

Description : The second atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on a. Aug. 6, 1914 b. Aug. 9, 1945 c. Aug. 6, 1943 d. Aug. 9, 1943

Last Answer : b. Aug. 9, 1945

Description : All Waves A. Have troughs and nodes B. Move back and forth C. Transfer energy D. are big

Last Answer : A. Have troughs and nodes

Description : When Mercedes-Benz targets the world’s well-to-do, regardless of their country, they are most likely following a segmentation strategy called: A. external segmentation. B. international segmentation. C. enriched segmentation. D. intermarket segmentation.

Last Answer : D. intermarket segmentation.

Description : Define capability. What are the quantities that determine the degree of capability of a software reliability model?

Last Answer : Ans: Capability refers to the ability of the model to estimate with satisfactory accuracy quantities needed by managers; engineers and users in planning and managing software development or running ... , expected date of reaching reliability, resource and cost requirements to reach the objectives.

Description : Which of the following phenomena is supposedly associated with global warming ? (1) El Nino (2) La Nina (3) El Nino Modoki (4) Southern Oscillation

Last Answer : El Nino