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What is the atmosphere like in roughnecks by thomas cochran?
Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer Show Answer

What elements are in soapstone?
Last Answer : Need answer Show Answer

How long should a window shade be when compared to the length of the window?
Last Answer : a couple of inches longer in case of damage Show Answer

Medical Laboratory Technicians?
Last Answer : Medical laboratory technicians and medical laboratory technologists are responsible for collecting tissue and fluid samples, working with physicians, and performing various tests and laboratory procedures on ... with patients is often a requirement, compassion and clear communication are also vital. Show Answer

How long does it take to get a vet tech certification?
Last Answer : Usually it will take you 2 years to get a certificate to become a vet tech from an accredited college. It involved both in class and on the job training portions. Show Answer

What is a credit counseling agency that can help me with finances?
Last Answer : Credit counseling can be found at many government agencies. Locally, your personal banker may be able to direct you to a reputable credit counselor or coach. Show Answer

Where can I apply for a pell grant for single mothers?
Last Answer : You can apply for your FAFSA online at their website. You will be instructed to complete various pages and then to select your PIN. This is how you will receive aid for school. Show Answer

where to buy vinyl siding in color?
Last Answer : You can buy colored vinyl siding usually at the same place where you get the regular normal siding. Or Lowes and Home Depot where they also sell siding. Show Answer

How do home school and regular school differ?
Last Answer : The major difference in home school and going to an official school is the environment in which you will learn. At home school you learn from home, but get the same curriculum. Show Answer

Which is the best institute for Tableau desktop course?
Last Answer : 360DigiTMG is the best institute for Tableau course Hyderabad Show Answer

Where are the Roman records of the Jesus' trial?
Last Answer : Long gone, if paper records were even maintained. Many records from the period would have been destroyed in the great Jewish revolts, the first revolt in 68-70 or the second, in 132 ... Roman property, including records. When the Romans retook the area, destruction and fires were widespread. Show Answer

With increase in temperature, viscosity .?
Last Answer : Decreases Show Answer

If core diameter of bolt is 13.8cm the it’s nominal diameter is given by? a) 17.27mm b) 15.34mm c) 14.67mm d) 16.34mm
Last Answer : a) 17.27mm Show Answer

Inland Fisheries is referred to? a. Extraction of oil from fish b. Deep sea fisheries c. Trapping and capturing fish d. Culturing fish in freshwater e. None of the above
Last Answer : d. Culturing fish in freshwater Show Answer

Hydrogen can be (A) Used in I.C. engines as fuel (B) Liquefied & stored under cryogenic conditions (C) Produced by electrolysis of water (D) All (A), (B) & (C)
Last Answer : (D) All (A), (B) & (C) Show Answer

The value of specific heat at constant pressure (cp) is __________ that of at constant volume (cv).  A. less than  B. equal to  C. more than
Last Answer : Answer: C Show Answer

What is the output of the following? i = 2 while True: if i%3 == 0: break print(i) i += 2 a) 2 4 6 8 10 … b) 2 4 c) 2 3 d) error
Last Answer : b) 2 4 Show Answer

How many two input AND gates and two input OR gates are required to realize Y = BD+CE+AB (A) 1, 1 (B) 4, 2 (C) 3, 2 (D) 2, 3
Last Answer : Ans: A There are three product terms, so three AND gates of two inputs are required. As only two input OR gates are available, so two OR gates are required to get the logical sum of three product terms. Show Answer

The largest moon in our solar system has an atmosphere that is denser than the atmosphere of Mars. The name of this moon is: w) Titan x) Ganymede y) Triton z) Io (pron: I - O)
Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- TITAN Show Answer

Working of Double Acting Reciprocating Pump
Last Answer : Working of Double Acting Reciprocating Pump As the piston moves to the right hand side as shown in the fig above. The following process takes place at left and right side. At left ... same time. If suction is taking place at right side than discharge takes place at left and vice-versa. Show Answer