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Description : What is a digital signal in Arduino?

Last Answer : A digital signal in Arduino is a signal that can only have two possible states, high (5V) or low (0V).

Description : What makes you instantly hate someone?

Last Answer : They refer to women as bitches in any sentence.

Description : My nail is coming away from the nail bed, what does that mean?

Last Answer : I’ve only seen it myself in case of injury. Was there injury or was it ingrown, is there an infection, or does it just seem to be doing it with no apparent cause?

Description : Do you know how or why a US soldier was killed "in action" for the first time since the official withdrawal of US troops in Iraq?

Last Answer : The Administration last year announced the supplying of combat advisors and personnel to support the development of Iraqi response to ISIS. This is not unknown or unreported. While it is sad to lose a serviceman in combat, it is not a surprise that US troops are in harm’s way.

Description : I can't get the file sharing to work between my two computers, help please?

Last Answer : Your computers must be part of the same Workgroup and then each computer must set selected directories as “shared.”

Description : When does one use awhile and a while?

Last Answer : answer:Grammar Girl does a good job of explaining the difference here. “a while” = noun “awhile” = adverb

Description : A couple more Minecraft Questions.

Last Answer : Are you familiar with the Minecraft Wiki? My husband loves it. You may be able to find your answers there.

Description : Why do manufactures do this?

Last Answer : answer:Widget manufacturers get a huge bulk discount when they buy the batteries from the battery manufacturer, so the cost of the batteries is a negligible part of the cost of the overall widget. But when you ... Friday night and I'm on my second Guinness right now and I'm feeling rather woozy :-p

Description : I have a job interview, any tips?

Last Answer : Dress nice. Keep your cool.

Description : Why do many people reject science in favor of mysticism, anecdotes and instinct?

Last Answer : Because bullshit you make up yourself is easy to understand.

Description : Any good tips for driving in the snow?

Last Answer : If you start to skid Do Not slam on the breaks

Description : How do search engines work?

Last Answer : Back in the day there were search tags you put into HTML, I haven’t built anything that needed searching in ages. Hopefully, someone here can give you something more recent.

Description : Which is the best HTML editor?

Last Answer : I strongly suggest sticking with Notepad++. The only other editor I would condone using is Dreamweaver, because out of all editors I've seen, it's the closest to being an industry standard. Not like it ... tags and attributes, and a simple code editor like Notepad++, is all you need as a rookie.

Description : Would you recommend hedgehogs as a pet?

Last Answer : Already answered:

Description : Super bowl snacks?

Last Answer : Buffalo wings, and lots of them. Serve with celery and carrots, blue cheese dressing, and ranch for those who don’t like blue cheese. You can usually order them from pizza joints.

Description : Why was the system of classification of elements into triads not found suitable? -Science

Last Answer : it is because all the elements discovered at that time could not be classified into triads.

Description : What is the difference between an aerobe and an anaerobe? -Biology

Last Answer : answer:

Description : How to connect Samsung Galaxy S6 (USA) to TV -Biology

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Which post does the Constitution of India does not mention? -General Knowledge

Last Answer : The answer is 'The Deputy Prime Minister'

Description : What is the full form of 'EIS' ? -How To ?

Last Answer : The full form of 'EIS' is Executive Information System

Description : If you drop a sponge on the floor, is the sponge dirty or is the floor clean?

Last Answer : To be completely honest it depends on if your floor is dirty or not. If your floor is really dirty then the sponge is dirty. but in order for your floor to be clean when u 'drop' a sponge you have to apply elbow grease to clean it.

Description : What is the meaning of the word doubt ?

Last Answer : The meaning of the word doubt is doubtful.

Description : What is the number of isotopes ?

Last Answer : Currently the number of isotopes is over 1300.

Last Answer : The Prophet (peace be upon him) was the first to marry Hazrat Khadija

Last Answer : of the neutral ones, the Cow probably won't catch up with the hares. but sometimes I feel like the truest is Money Make Money. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. There is usually the greatest darkness ... death does not take. He who has nothing will lose nothing. and many others in both cases. (tuxedo)

Description : How do you write ratio comparing A40229000 in 2010 and B88458000 a projected number in 2050?

Last Answer : Find Ratio A to B.Find Ratio B to A.Complete sentence: A is percent of B.

Description : What do danubeVolda and Thames have in common?

Last Answer : What so you mean

Description : What is x-22-x?

Last Answer : It is 59x + 70.

Description : What is the difference between 'West Indies' and 'Caribbean'?

Last Answer : The Caribeanis thGeographic region that includes mainland Central America andpart of Northern South America (basically the Caribbean Sea basin)as well as the better known island nations stretching from ... Bahamas (which are Atlantic) and the nationof Guyana on the Northern South American mainland.

Description : Why a care workers personal views should not influence an individuals choices?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : What happened after Jackson killed the second bank of the US?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Why is there not more physical evidence that Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago?

Last Answer : 200 years is a long time for physical evidence to survive. Thereis some written material (which is physical evidence) from bothChristian and non-Christian writers. This written evidence isconsidered strong enough for anyone to be sure Jesus did exist

Description : Do I really need a bagel cutter or can I just use a knife?

Last Answer : A bagel cutter isn't necessary to cut a bagel, but it can be slightly safer than simply using a knife. This may be important for someone who has poor motor skills, such as an elderly person or ... to spend the money, find space to store it, and would actually use it before deciding to purchase.

Description : Where can you get a tea maker with a variable timer?

Last Answer : has the best selection of tea makers with variable timers. ( You can also try (

Description : Would a wood clock last longer than a metal clock?

Last Answer : Both varieties of clocks have their benefits and faults when comparing wood clocks to metal ones. The actual casing of the clocks would be the major difference and assuming they are in the ... how they treated throughout their lifespan which will determine the capacity to how long they will work.

Description : I'd like a durable doll my girl keeps ripping their heads off?

Last Answer : get the doll called just my size doll-the life size doll about 3ft tall

Description : What Factors Determine Mortgage Rates?

Last Answer : You may be wondering what factors determine the interest rate for a given mortgage. Why does one borrower have to pay 5 percent interest on their loan while another borrower may only have to pay ... loan in the future to take advantage of lower interest rates or an improvement in your credit score.

Description : Where can I find a list of stores offering Black Friday deals on televisions?

Last Answer : Black Friday deals can be among the best deals to be had all year round. Start off by doing some research and speak with family and friends as to how they learn about their Black Friday deals in advance.

Description : Can I use Dariy Queen coupons online?

Last Answer : Dairy Queen coupons and other fast food coupons can be printed off directly from the manufacturer's website. Milkshakes and Blizzards are perfect for the summertime, so now is a great time to get printing, clipping and sipping.

Description : How much does it cost to play hockey?

Last Answer : well Mario and his sister live on the streets so you just have to ask him :) and his mum is on street corners earning money while his dad is a jigalo and has gonorrhoea of the throat.

Description : The term ‘Isoneph' indicates the lines of equal – (1) cloudiness (2) salinity (3) rainfall (4) pressure

Last Answer : (1) cloudiness Explanation: An isoneph is a line indicating equal cloud cover or equal cloudiness. Variations in the degrees of slope, temperature, occurrence of rainfall, may be represented by drawing the ... Thus, an imaginary line, which joins the places of equal values, is referred as Isopleth.

Description : The number of cells in a 12 volt lead-acid battery is ________________. A. three cells B. four cells C. six cells D. twelve cells

Last Answer : Answer: C

Description : __________ is a thermosetting plastic. (A) PVC (B) Polythene (C) Bakelite (D) Polystyrene

Last Answer : (C) Bakelite

Description : Diameter of Sun is-------? A. 12 Lakh kms B. 13 Lakh kms C. 14 Lakh kms (Answer) D. 15 Lakh kms

Last Answer : C. 14 Lakh kms (Answer)

Description : A moderator is used in nuclear reactor in order to ? A. Accelerate the neutrons B. Slow down the speed of the neutrons (Answer) C. Increase the number of elections D. Decrease the number of electrons E. None of these

Last Answer : B. Slow down the speed of the neutrons (Answer)

Description : Hair care, Ltd. adds an electrical component that automatically shuts off its curling tongs when they have been left on for over one hour. This improvement would best be classified as a:------ A)quality modification B)style modification C)functional modification

Last Answer : C)functional modification

Description : What are the different types of problem?

Last Answer :  Single state problem, multiple state problems, Contingency problem, Exploration problem. 

Description :  (i) Suggest suitable scale for following: (1) Location plan (2) Poor details 

Last Answer : Suitable scale for- (1) Location plan – 1:1000 (2) Poor details – 1:20 or 1:10

Description : Build Your Own Garage Cabinets?

Last Answer : Building the garage cabinets, one wall at a time, saves haulingeverything outside.There are two situations that call for building or installinggarage cabinets. The first would be when a new house has just ... short time.The most basic assembly consists of 2 x 4 frames that attachto the floor w

Description : A 50 kW dc shunt is loaded to draw rated armature current at any given speed. When driven  (i) at half the rated speed by armature voltage control and (ii) at 1.5 times the rated speed by field control, the respective output powers ... kW in (i) and 75 kW in (ii) (D) 50 kW in (i) and 50 kW in (ii)

Last Answer : A 50 kW dc shunt is loaded to draw rated armature current at any given speed. When driven  (i) at half the rated speed by armature voltage control and (ii) at 1.5 times the rated speed by field control, the respective output ... kW in (i) and 75 kW in (ii) (D) 50 kW in (i) and 50 kW in (ii)