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How can you differentiate healthy food from unhealthy food?
Last Answer : According to my knowledge. Any food that causes you illnesses for the long term or even immediately is called unhealthy foods. Apart from it, any foods that your doctor prescribes you and is keeping your body fit are called healthy food. Show Answer

Alkali metal salt "X" gives a pale violet colour in flame test "X" is :
Last Answer : Alkali metal salt "X" gives a pale violet colour in flame test "X" is : A. NaCl B. LiCl C. KCl D. None of these Show Answer

Who is a sales represtative?
Last Answer : Anybody that works as a salesman or in customer facingretail. Show Answer

What is the name of south New Hampshire?
Last Answer : What is the answer ? Show Answer

Is acrobats an adverb?
Last Answer : No, it is a noun. Show Answer

How Early man removed salt from sea water?
Last Answer : evaporation Show Answer

What is a wheel center cap?
Last Answer : It's like a hub cap. They are smaller though and only cover the bolts. Show Answer

Which memory card holds the most information?
Last Answer : The higher the gigabyte capacity, the more the memory card can hold. Show Answer

What type of hair loss treatments actually work?
Last Answer : It all depends on what type of hair loss. Is it thinning hair or because he is getting older. Some treatments range from surgical procedures to taking pills for hair loss. There are some ointments you can use as well. Show Answer

Is there any car insurance company in Pennsylvania that gives discounted rates to bad drivers?
Last Answer : Insurance companies do not give discounts to bad drivers. If you were given a ticket and the judge said you have to pay that ticket, then your insurance rates do increase. Show Answer

Are there any websites that offer cheap prices on laptop computers?
Last Answer : There ARE some cut-price computers being sold but I would not recommend such sites. You could consider a refurbished computer from a reputable computer retailer. That way you would at least have some guarantee if something should fail. Computers have in fact gotten cheaper over recent years. Show Answer

What are cures or remedies for restless legs?
Last Answer : Pressure could help get rid of this Restsless Leg Syndrome. Compression socks and stockings work very well. Stretch often. Sleep with a pillow between your legs. Show Answer

You Can Use A Compact Computer Desk To Create A Small Office?
Last Answer : If your home is small on space and you need an office, remember that you can probably make things work with a well designed compact computer desk designed to make the best of tight spaces. Show Answer

Earthing-up in potato is done at
Last Answer : Ans.30 – 45 DAS Show Answer

At the summer solstice, which latitude will have the longest night?
Last Answer : 60°S Show Answer

If in a water tank, the water pressure is 5 kg/cm , then, pressure head would be : (A) 50 m (B) 10 m (C) 20 m (D) 5 m (E) None of these
Last Answer : (E) None of these Show Answer

Which film won the best film award in 53rd national award
Last Answer : Kaalpurush-memories in the mist Show Answer

In case of Large Systems :- a) Only few tests should be run b) Testing should be on the basis of Risk c) Only Good Test Cases should be executed. d) Test Cases written by good test engineers should be executed.
Last Answer : b) Testing should be on the basis of Risk Show Answer

Pyritinol (pyrithioxine) is used as: A. Analeptic drug B. Cognition enhancing drug C. Antiepileptic drug
Last Answer : B. Cognition enhancing dru Show Answer

If the length of a simple pendulum is halved then its period of oscillation is (1) doubled (2) halved (3) increased by a factor root 2 (4) decreased by a factor root  2
Last Answer : decreased by a factor root 2 Show Answer
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