Why would one's body odor change suddenly?

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Answer :

It’s what you put in your body. It can be an illness or fungus as well. But typically your body odor changes according to what goes into it. After hubby has been drinking coffee all day I can’t stand it. Ick. Now that you are in a different country you are probably consuming different foods and beverages. Your body is reacting to that. It doesn’t mean it is negative though, sometimes smell means you are positively ridding yourself of toxins.

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Last Answer : Yes, there is! Just as there is a "baby smell" and an "old man" smell. Over time, the hormones that are responsible for odors, etc., also change.

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Last Answer : answer:Odors are one of those things that people get used to pretty quickly and stop noticing. Consider that smokers don't notice their odor, people who fart a lot seem inured rather quickly. I remember ... ;t notice. You've just gotten used to your own stink until it got up close and personal.

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Last Answer : Faced with this situation with a co-worker, I said regarding an upcoming meeting “it will be really important to make a good impression, so let’s make sure everyone is freshly bathed, squeaky clean, and wearing our Sunday best.” Thus it wasn’t singling him out, yet directly addressed the need.

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Last Answer : Bacteria having a happy happy time in your sweat.

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Last Answer : answer:showering and deodorant have always worked for me. are you having odor even after doing those things?

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Last Answer : I tend to like light smelling fragrances. When a gal walks by with a thick haze of designer smell dangling around them, it tends to be a turn off for me.

Description : .A musty or muddy odor of the fish is attributed to A.the growth of Streptomyces species in the mud at the bottom of the body of water B.the mud at the bottom of the body of water C.the growth of Pseudomonas species in the mud at the bottom of the body of water D.none of the above

Last Answer : A.the growth of Streptomyces species in the mud at the bottom of the body of water

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Last Answer : How to Remedy Body Odor Having body odor is no laughing matter. It affects the esteem of the person afflicted, making him or her uneasy in any social situation. Judging by its causes, body ... insert them in your daily routine, otherwise you and those near around you will suffer the consequences.

Description : The first dressing change for an autografted area is performed a) as soon as foul odor or purulent drainage is noted, or 3-5 days after surgery. A foul odor or purulent ... is noted. Sanguineous drainage on a dressing covering an autograft is an anticipated abnormal observation postoperatively.

Last Answer : a) as soon as foul odor or purulent drainage is noted, or 3-5 days after surgery. A foul odor or purulent infection may indicate infection and should be reported to the surgeon immediately.

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Last Answer : Never heard of it. Could there be something dead in your ductwork?

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Last Answer : answer:I would agree that it is a concern but what recourse do you have? Keep all windows closed and AC running all the time? I have no clue about air filtering but will send this Q to our expert ... that I am breathing upwind of the gas fumes emanating from the pump, so I agree with your sister.

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Last Answer : Wait about six months. Best I’ve got for a kitty.

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Last Answer : The high desert in Southern California where the pine trees would get the wind from the valley. The smell of the pines and rustling pines, fun when I was young.

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Last Answer : answer:Switch catfood, some of them can be the problem. Are you feeding dry, canned, raw or a combination?

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Last Answer : answer:Here’s a website that tells you some different ways. I’ve used the soaking and the baking soda method. Both work great.

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Last Answer : There are hundreds of chemicals released by decomposition, with the smelly ones being mostly volatile oils. The sheer number and variety of chemicals is why it's difficult to give an absolute answer in forensics ... it's no one thing which produces the smell, but a vast number and variety of things.

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Last Answer : Ideally it should not. Fog is just air and water and both are odorless, tasteless and colorless. It is formed when the air temperature drops and water vapor that can no longer remain in solution begins ... grasses, soils and trees, or even a particle or two from my house where I burned some leaves.

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Last Answer : This doesn't always work, but I use the ones that have a lemon flavor and promise not to have any aftertaste. The ones with lemon and the no aftertaste ones usually really don't have an aftertaste but ... breaking my fast with PNB+fish. Beware!!! IF you find a perfect fish oil pill, let me know!

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Last Answer : Foxes use a similar defense mechanism. Except they don't spray it comes from their skin. The reason animals back of from the smell is because if you get close enough, and enough, gets in ... will likely make all the animals, birds squirrels chipmunks mice and deer, migrate to the neighbors garden.

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Last Answer : Rotting pork.

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Last Answer : I personally cannot stand the smell of garlic on people. It’s an altered garlic smell and I find it really disgusting. I think everyone processes it differently; one of my exes would smell of garlic for like two days after eating it.. ugh.

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Last Answer : Open the windows. Use a fan. Air it out. It will go away eventually.

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Last Answer : Only the particles that are air born. And, as long as those particles don’t stick to something on the way out.

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Last Answer : answer:Two ideas: 1. nice-smelling soap you forgot you washed with awhile back 2. grovelling around in the candy box Welcome to fluther, @makncsu!

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Last Answer : there’s a product on the shelves called “damp rid.” try it out and let me know results

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Last Answer : I like the smell of books!

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Last Answer : You poor thing! I don’t have an answer for you, but you do have my sympathy!! I hope someone here can help. @shilolo, where are you?

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Last Answer : When you find out let me know.

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Last Answer : I've used vinegar, but it's been a while so I can't remember how well it worked.

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Last Answer : answer:I have had good luck with Nature's Miracle. http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Miracle-Remover-gallon-128-oz/dp/B00008437W

Description : Does smelling a strong odor indicate a medical problem?

Last Answer : I remember reading this question before, although I can’t seem to find it to link to…I believe that the consensus was that sometimes it does (brain tumors, epilepsy, psychotic disorders) and sometimes it doesn’t, and if you’re concerned, you should talk to a doctor.

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Last Answer : answer:The only thing to do about the hair is a very thorough vacuuming followed by a lint roller. Febreeze works well for odors - spray liberally and then close the windows and doors for about 12 hours and ... have odor in the system. You can turn it on high and spray a little lysol in the intake.

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Last Answer : Smelling vomit makes me want to vomit.

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Last Answer : I personally wouldn’t ask as it would save every one the embarrasment of any thing like that happening.

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Last Answer : answer:Why would you want to dissipate it? Seriously though- knowing not everyone is an artist who enjoys the smell of paint- airing out is the best method. Sprays mask it but in reality the fumes need to ... fresh paint is not in the direct path of the fan so it does not blow dust onto the surface.

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Last Answer : answer:Contact a professional carpet-cleaning service and ask them if they can eliminate the odor for you, and how much they will charge, to do that. This is important: Have a written guarantee stating that they ... your cat, to force him to pay 50% of the cleaning bill. That's what I would do.

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Last Answer : run-on

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Last Answer : Pet urine, blood and food stains need deep cleaning to make the carpet look new. If proper cleaning techniques are not used it can deteriorates the stain and odor issues, making the removal ... . The professional attention is necessary to treat urine, feces, vomit or other natural pet stains.

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Last Answer : The body of those who are affected by bile is naturally warm , due to the warm effect of horse odor , its long term use is not good for those people. Prolonged use can cause gastric ulcer , diarrhea , and nausea. Consult a registered physician if you want to use horse odor in your diet.

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Last Answer : Horse odor is a medicinal plant. When the leaves of this tree are boiled, it smells like horse urine and is called horse odor. Strengthening: The juice of this tree is strengthening. Quite effective ... who have poor digestion must consume good quality horse odor. The work of the syrup is as above.

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Last Answer : If you search on the opposite side of the road on the east side of Dhaka Gulistan Trade Center Market, you will find it. You will also find items in any homeopathic pharmacy or store that sells herbal medicine.

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Last Answer : : Horse odor is a medicinal plant which is very beneficial for our brain and body. Horse odor is called ' adaptogen ' . Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year ... odor also lowers blood sugar , lowers cortisol , improves the brain , and helps reduce anxiety and depression.

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Last Answer : : You can mix 1 glass of milk and horse odor powder before going to bed every night. You will grow taller so fast.

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Last Answer : No , horse odor is not available in any pharmacy. You need to collect this herb directly from any place.

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Last Answer : Yes, you can eat, no problem, but eat in moderation. Eat like this once a day. And if you want to get taller, go to the gym, hang on to these eating rings , and run long. Then it will help to grow taller. Just playing these games will not make you taller at all.

Last Answer : Ammonia is the substance responsible for the pungent odor of urine.

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Last Answer : First check all the food to see if anything is spoiling it. Inside, I wash the refrigerator with water and a little vinegar. Refrigerator odor absorbers are also sold, which could help you.

Description : How do you remove the smell from fish after slicing, for example from a wooden board?

Last Answer : I wash the cutting board thoroughly (with a brush), sprinkle with salt, let it work for a while (10-15 minutes) and wash it again. I have treated the boards with oil, so there is no danger of it soaking up (in depth).