Is butting out of a bad relationship enabling?

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Answer :

I think it is also an element of people not being honest with themselves. If they get too caught up in the short-comings of the other people in their lives they can sacrifice and even forget about their own needs. The worst is when you start having expectations that the other person will be there for you and then they bail on you when the going gets tough…that really blows.

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Last Answer : answer:If this were a friend of mine, and he wanted to keep the friendship with the other guy (let's call him Joe), I would suggest talking to him: Say, Joe, I know you and Shelley have split up ... the same either. Love is a damned chancy business. All your friend can do is give it his best shot.

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Last Answer : answer:I have never accepted anything free from another person, except my wife. the other person will always have a motive for what they do for you. my wife and i do not think this way. its us ... not some expectation for a bigger moment of return. I cannot say this for the rest of the world.

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Last Answer : If the chemistry is not there, its not there. if she is giving you short answers and not smiling at you, you can rest assured all is not well. your response to her, may have shocked her and she ... is negative toward you, at least you will know where you stand with her and vice versa. good luck.

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Last Answer : I had a friend who did this successfully with a very long term FWB. They are happy together now. All I can say is be careful. Sometimes lust and love get mixed up and confused and then you have ... make it work. You can't just assume an exclusive relationship .both parties need to talk about it.

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Last Answer : Hate to be a promoter, but if you go to or Facebook you may be able to find your old buddies and keep in touch long-distance, if you have a computer. For making new friends, ... books, learning a new sport, watching some movies and doing things that would help you grow as a person.

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Last Answer : I stopped caring about my high school friends about halfway into sophomore year of college. I think that's fairly typical. My college friends, on the other hand, are all still close. We get together ... friends for life group. High School friendships are simply part of my past, and nothing more.

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Last Answer : …from Dr. Fluther ? ~30s

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Last Answer : I think that night you guys had at the shore house was a moment of vulnerability for him and he needed some physical comforting. If it wasn't for the recent events, it may have never ... dealing with that situation currently as well but the universe always has a plan and things will work out.

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Last Answer : I have to ask my girlfriend to Join here, and thats cool