What are some of life's hidden joys?

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Answer :

Life itself is a joy

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Last Answer : It would be great to have an exotic bird but I would feel sad that it lives confined rather than free. Instead happy to visit a country where they are located and watch from afar the natrual surroundings and how they interact in their own environments.

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Last Answer : Y'all being so shy! I'll get us kicked off. I've had a pretty good year all things considered. One of my biggest bothers in 2017 was the feeling of inadequacy that I was feeling at work, but I ... again and I'm putting the weight back on slowly. So I feel hopeful that this issue may be resolved now.

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Last Answer : Lots of people from different backgrounds are getting involved in horseback riding. In the past, this sport was largely the domain of the wealthy. Today, economic pressures have driven down ... their equine investments, horse owners should treat their horses with the utmost kindness and respect.

Description : What is the Joy's Life Diet?

Last Answer : Joy's Life Diet makes you look inward first before you can even begin to deal with outward stuff. The theory goes, if you feel good about yourself on the inside and let go of negativity you will ... diet you learn to Release(negativity), Relearn(how to eat), Reshape and then Reveal the new you!

Description : What are some of your life's stressors right now?

Last Answer : For a large demographic, @jca2, an enormous amount of pertinent data is stored on their phones, so loss of passwords or a cracked screen could cause big stress. Being unable to access financial data, ... even her laptop. For me, at this point in my life, the big stressors are family issues.

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Last Answer : ur gonna die and stuff

Description : With a problem like that... life's pretty good.

Last Answer : answer:I love the sound of running water. Here’s one for @ucme.

Description : How well do you handle life's challenges?

Last Answer : answer:I don't get angry easily. I have a strong sense of boundaries, and work hard at maintaining good will with others. However, there are a lot of folks out there who are big time drama queens, ... created a lot of my problems all by myself! All those are memories now; God has restored my mind.

Description : What are your life’s could have, should have, and would have things or occurrences?

Last Answer : Took more high school and summer school classes than the one year in Edmonton. Also when I was living in Jasper as a young adult I should have taken a forth year of high school.

Description : Are there downsides to being an agnostic or atheist in terms of being able to cope with life's problems and realities like death?

Last Answer : Sure. I feel sad knowing that when I die I'm just dead. I'd much rather be able to believe there is something more, and that I could see my Mom and Dad again. Mom always used to say she ... day she could see Mary again. Mary was still born. Younger than me but older than my other two sisters.

Description : I clearly have no handle on life's rules, can you help me build a list?

Last Answer : You were misinformed. No need to clean the toilet except whenever you are about to get laid at your place. That’s all.

Description : If one of life's more minor mysteries could be solved, what would you like it to be?

Last Answer : answer:Where does the other sock from the pair go when missing from the dryer ? Is there a land in another dimension where they are all dwelling in harmony? Where can I get the map?

Description : How would you feel if life's circumstances prevented you from finishing a graduate degree (see details)?

Last Answer : answer:I think that if I didn't give it my very best shot, I'd always regret it. If I gave up too easily, it would be apparent that my conviction and passion didn't go very deep. And ... to let it go and move on. Not completing the thesis does not deduct anything from the knowledge already gained.

Description : I just introduced my daughters to real butter croissant from a new patisserie in town, and they raved about them. Which of life's pleasures have you introduced to someone recently?

Last Answer : Pho Ga… which I am eating right now on a dreary day after working outside all morning. yum.

Description : Aging: downward slide towards the grave; or a climb through life's experience towards wisdom?

Last Answer : Having had a few moments in my life where it looked like aging might not happen, I can definitely say I prefer it to the alternative. I actually enjoy a lot of aspects about it. I'm smarter, I no ... . Since it happens anyway (if you're lucky) I'm much happier embracing it than being upset by it.

Description : Quote that has inspired you in your life's journey?

Last Answer : The more you love, the more you can love — and the more intensely you love. Robert Heinlein.

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Last Answer : I find the less “interesting” some one appears the more interesting their thoughts really are.

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Last Answer : I have so many, and I try to not dwell on them because they cause me anxiety even later on, so I don't have a best .. however, today I got an exam back, one that I was really anxious ... on the stairs and fell almost on my face (barely managed to catch myself), in front of the entire class.

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Last Answer : Age does not equal knowledge. Related, yes, but it’s just as silly to assume an old person is wise than to assume a young person is not wise.

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Last Answer : yea i guess

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Last Answer : answer:Hi! Welcome to Ask-public! Please use the search box before posting a question. Here are links to other people who have asked the same question, one of them is only a day old. feel free to add ... public.com/disc/4608/what-is-life/ http://www.ask-public.com/disc/2005/what-do-people-live-for/

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Last Answer : You can eat. It is a homeopathic medicine. It is made from various medicinal plants. There are no side effects when taken. So you can take this medicine. It will solve your problem.

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Last Answer : A half life is the time for one half of a radioactive materialto decay. Different materials have half-lives of different lengths.Some last only a fraction of a second. Some have a half life ofhundreds of ... of years. Unless you tell us what thematerial is, we can only answer "that all depends."

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Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

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Last Answer : Need answer

Description : How many half life's are there in a 100 year span?

Last Answer : A half life is the time for one half of a radioactive materialto decay. Different materials have half-lives of different lengths.Some last only a fraction of a second. Some have a half life ofhundreds of ... of years. Unless you tell us what thematerial is, we can only answer "that all depends."

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Last Answer : Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want

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Last Answer : C) Developing the ability to make intelligent choice of jobs 

Description : Why do most people think their dreams have some sort of hidden message?

Last Answer : We are not aware that the dreams originate from inside of us. It is easy to imagine that they have an external source and have some hidden message.

Description : Have you always wondered about having some hidden illness, psychological or physical, but have never had the courage or initiative to check it out?

Last Answer : No. Life is to short to be a hypochondriac.

Description : What are some unusual, or hidden places you clean in your home?

Last Answer : Occasionally I check the stoppers in all sinks. Due to hard water, they are covered with a viscous brown disgustingness. A little vinegar does the trick.

Description : Invasive slumlord, almost no heat, CO (Carbon Monoxide), broken entrance locks, squatters, some creep coming and going as they please from the apt. unit, and illegal, hidden CCTV spy cams in apt. People of Reddit what would you do?

Last Answer : Move lol

Description : Hidden in the poem below, a manly name you'll seek; just read and listen to the rhyme, but please, don't take a week! MYSTERY POEM: I do not mind addition; I'll tolerate subtraction; but try not to ... you use, just makes me want some Tums. What is the man's name you hear in the rhyme? -Riddles

Last Answer : The name you'll hear is MATTHEW.

Description : What is software that comes hidden in free downloadable software and tracks your online movements, mines the information stored on your computer, or uses your computer's CPU and storage for some task you know ... about? a. Web log b. Clickstream c. Anonymous Web browsing service d. None of the above

Last Answer : d. None of the above

Description : When researching old books had anyone ever discovered hilarious shenanigans that went on in a certain time period that was hidden but now discovered?

Last Answer : I love On The Road by Jack Kerouac, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Wolfe, and other beatnik reads. It’s such an interesting free style life, the opposite of mine.

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Last Answer : People might be curious as to what is hidden there?

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Last Answer : answer:Attention! [Serious] Tag Notice Jokes, puns, and off-topic comments are not permitted in any comment, parent or child. Parent comments that aren't from the target group will be ... performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

Description : Catholic priests have been molesting children for years and it is hidden from the public. Two nuns embezzle money and it’s all over the news. Do you think they should be given a pass also?

Last Answer : Nuns are not as good as cover-ups as priests are. I think that to be a successful criminal, you need to be as good at covering up your misdeeds as you are at doing the misdeeds in the first place ... ever want to be seen as equal to men in the Catholic hierarchy, they have to be just as scandalous.

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Last Answer : I went to a friends house this past weekend and we watched some episodes of Frankie and Grace. I’m hooked. Only problem is, I don’t have Netflix. I’m looking into getting it now.

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Last Answer : avslapowrj[p ^^^That was completely arbitrary.

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Last Answer : I'm not sure if there's a way to see all available in-app purchases through the app store, but most applications have a section titled Top In-App Purchases that can give you a sense of ... and subscription options. It gives you a sense that not all features are available from the base app alone.

Description : Do you ever consider the possibility that there may well be celebrities hidden among the jellies?

Last Answer : True, but unless a question falls into the reason that they are a celebrity (acting, singing, science, politics, etc.), their opinions are no more or less valid than the opinions of us common folk.

Description : Re. hidden cameras, what do you have to do before using a public washroom?

Last Answer : No alternative. Privacy is the price we pay for “staying connected,” which we are increasingly realizing is a two-edged sword. Me, I don’t care if they look at me in a public bathroom. Just doing what comes—or rather, goes—naturally.

Description : What would you do if you felt your partner had hidden a major part of his/her personality away from you?

Last Answer : I don’t know. I would wonder what else she was hiding. I have secrets too. It would be a perfect time to get to know each other.

Description : Could you please name movies similar to Crouching Tiger, Hidden dragon?

Last Answer : You could try House of Flying Daggers.

Description : Are you living in a hidden urban forest?

Last Answer : Wooded area, yes. A weird one though, with trees growing in straight lines and lots of space in-between.

Description : How many hidden (from me) mistakes do you think I made in the last question I asked?

Last Answer : PM/ Email it to some of the grammar-nazi’s here first, they’d probably love to critique you.

Description : Do hidden costs annoy you?

Last Answer : They annoy me to no end. It is deceptive.