Are vent hoods really necessary in a kitchen?

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Answer :

Vent hoods are nice to have but not really necessary. They are required when you do heavy cooking, have lots of smoke and food smells that need to be removed from the kitchen area.

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Last Answer : in cold weather IF you have an electric dryer . it might be ok to not vent to the outside . I actually tried it last winter . main thing is electric . should try to find someone who knows what they are doing . there has to be a way to knock a small hole in the wall for venting ?

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Last Answer : To clean out a dryer vent you need to move the dryer away from the wall, and then unhook the vent and remove lint and dust. It is important to clean it out because if it remains dirty it can start a fire.

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Last Answer : Dryer vent cleaning is often done by the same companies that repair your air conditioning system. You may also want to try checking out steam cleaners as some carpet/steam cleaning companies also offer this service.

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Last Answer : Refer to the vehicle's operator manual for information about the vent fans. Depending on how frequently the RV is used and the activities in the van, vent fan replacement could vary somewhat. You can also call your local RV sales/service business for additional input.

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Last Answer : If the dryer vent is properly installed, cold air should not enter the house. Properly installed dyer vents use a flap valve. The dryer door should be kept closed except when loading or unloading the machine. [email protected]

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Last Answer : I may be a problem of a vent flap that stays open. Check to see it is operating correctly.

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Last Answer : Unplug the dryer and unscrew the vent in the back of the dryer. Reach in and pull out as much of the lint as you can. Using a vacuum cleaner's extension and on a low setting clean out the rest of the lint inside the dryer.

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Last Answer : A vent dryer allows a route for hot air to escape from a dryer. Without this the hot air and moisture would be forced into the home and could cause mold and rot.

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