What are the main components of a computer system?
Monitor,cpu,  key board mouse printer speaker
CPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor
Monitor CPU mouse keyboard scanner printer

4 Answers

Answer :

Keyboard. Mouse  .CPU .monitor . speakers . joystick etc..

Answer :

Motherboards, hard disk

Answer :

Monitor kyeborad CPU scanner printer 

Answer :

CPU,monitor, keyboard and mouse

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Last Answer : Following requirements of a distribution system.  1. Layout should be simple in design. 2. It should have less initial cost 3. The distribution system should have minimum distribution ... stability of existing distribution system. 15. Time required for completion of work should be less. 

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Last Answer : Because of following disadvantages radial distribution system is not used for long distance:  Since there is only one feeder to DTC feed at one point so, 1) There is no reliability ... more time for fault finding & repairing Hence radial distribution system is used for short distance.

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Last Answer : The main function of the vertical deflection system , is to provide an amplified signal of proper level to derive the vertical deflection plates without any distortion. For amplification of the ... suppression, reduced nonlinear effects because none of the plates are at ground potential.

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