How would you fill one evening of television [details inside]?

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Answer :

Doctor Who. It’s all people need.

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Last Answer : answer:Do they teach you how to come up with a research question? The way most people do it is they have some interest in the field (whatever brought you to multicultural education-perhaps discrimination). Then ... kind. That's enough to get you started, I think. Go forth and prosper! Or something.

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Last Answer : Air-bags in automobiles.

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Last Answer : I wasn’t going to, but, hold my beer

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Last Answer : Supply and demand. Will kick in hopefully.

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Last Answer : answer:YES .. you have to tell them about your driving and health problems. They will not want to entrust their clients to you and you should tell them ASAP. You would be setting yourself and them up ... you should be driving period with this type of issue . Please do the right thing and be honest.

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Last Answer : B. Have the patient to fill in a diet survey

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Last Answer : b. Print Media, Direct Mail, Trade Shows, E-Mail, and Web Media.

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Last Answer : I don’t understand the question. How would it benefit anyone to have them closed at random times?

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Last Answer : I take off everything except my underwear. Then I put my groceries away. Then I have cereal or yogurt.

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Last Answer : I think you’re stuck. Is your place Wing Street or Wing Stop?

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Last Answer : Of course not. Apparently these parents are totally clueless as to why their child is in the psych ward in the first place. Since this is a 14 yr old tells me this has been a slow burn for many ... eventually twist this child's mind into a total mess. IMO the child is in a better and safer place.

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Last Answer : See if this link helps.

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Last Answer : Thanks for the info.

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Last Answer : I have no idea, but I don't think anyone should induce labour but your obstetrician. I certainly wouldn't be taking anything or putting anything in my vagina when I'm about to give birth. When ... depart, it will. If you need help getting things started (for whatever reason) speak to your doctor.

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Last Answer : I doubt it. It would be fine for a nice luncheon , though or dinner at most restaurants.

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Last Answer : I have invited homeless into my house to eat. I never thought of being paid for it, so even if I won I wouldn’t get anything back. They would have to eat what I am eating, regardless of whether or not it is my best dish.

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Last Answer : Nearly every day (at least, days that I’m not traveling) I drink about a gallon of unsweetened iced tea mixed with cranberry juice in about a 3:1 mix, plus lemon.

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Last Answer : dinner

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Last Answer : answer:How much time do you have? If you have time for it, just do the classic sequence of twelve major asanas - that's balanced and won't make you too hyper for sleep. If you don't have ... calming and relaxing (so they say, I don't find it much different energetically from the sun salute myself).

Description : Have you ever gone to a friend's house for an evening, and felt like you were watching a video of "How to raise your child to be a brat?"?

Last Answer : I see this all the time. Some kids are easier than others and some people just don’t have the backbone to be parents.

Description : OK,now that I know what several of you are doing this afternoon(day or evening, depending on you locale) what would you like to be doing?

Last Answer : Not safe for work! It sucks having the libido of a 16 year old and the work load of a PhD student!

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Last Answer : 10am, 9pm.