Hormones which function in sending chemical signal between two or more individuals are known as: a) leucomones b) pheromones (pron: fair-oh-moans) c) comones

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Description : An example of an environmental signal that acts at a distance between individuals is A) insulin. B) cortisol. C) pheromones. D) prostaglandins. E) nerve growth factor.

Last Answer : C) pheromones.

Description : The chemicals released by one species of animals in order to attract the other members of the same species are - (1) Hormones (2) Nucleic acids (3) Pheromones (4) Steroids

Last Answer : (3) Pheromones Explanation: A pheromone is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting ... others that affect behavior or physiology. Their use among insects has been particularly well documented.

Description : The chemicals released by one species of animals in order to attract the other members of the same species are (1) Hormones (2) Nucleic acids (3) Pheromones (4) Steroids

Last Answer : Pheromones

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Last Answer : I am a Yawn.

Last Answer : Wash Jorsirka advisoryly, it probably has a ripened skin from the salt that keeps the road. However, he would be the best doctor, but see if it really isn't the salt will have red and irritated skin. hezky den ellcupakabra

Description : Which of the following describes the major difference between bryophytes (pron: bry-oh-fites) and tracheophytes (pron: tray-key-o-fites)? a) tracheophytes can survive on land b) ... inside fruits c) tracheophytes can make their own food d) tracheophytes have vessels to transport materials 


Description : Which of the following terms relates to the mating of genetically-related individuals ("blood relatives")? a) familialism (pron: feh-mil-yel-ism) b) kinship genetics c) consanguinity (pron: kon-sang-gwin-eh-tee) d) none of these


Description : Cell regulation can be thought of as the effector side of cell communication. Most commonly cell regulation occurs by means of extracellular chemical messengers. Which of the following statement(s ... d. Most hormones, local mediators, and neurotransmitters readily cross the cell plasma membrane

Last Answer : Answer: b, c Depending on how the extracellular messenger arrives, cell regulation can be classified as paracrine, endocrine, or neurocrine. In paracrine regulation, a chemical messenger ... , local mediators, and neurotransmitters are water-soluble and cannot readily cross the plasma membrane

Description : Is it true that pheromones/chemistry have more impact on attraction than physical appearances?

Last Answer : answer:I don't think so. Pheromones probably used to have a stronger effect long ago when humans resembled animals more in terms of their actions. ie. when humans used to hunt for ... sweat is subconsciously attractive because it contains lots of pheromones apparently.. Not the smelly one, though.

Description : [SFW] Do you believe there are human pheromones?

Last Answer : Sure.

Description : The male Japanese beetle breaks down female pheromones. What structure inside the cell of the male beetle breaks down the pheromone?

Last Answer : Lysosomes (Apex)

Description : Biological control component is central to advanced agricultural production. Which of the following is used as a third generation pesticide? (a) Insect repellants (b) Organophosphate and carbamates (c) Pathogens (d) Pheromones

Last Answer : (d) Pheromones

Description : Which of the following statements concerning motivating marketing personnel is FALSE? A)Management must discover employees' needs and then develop motivational methods. B)Motivational methods should ... to organisational goals. E)Managers must use different tools to motivate different individuals.

Last Answer : C)Selecting effective motivational tools becomes easier as the work force becomes less diverse.

Description : The system is notified of a read or write operation by ___________ a) Appending an extra bit of the address b) Enabling the read or write bits of the devices c) Raising an appropriate interrupt signal d) Sending a special signal along the BUS

Last Answer : Sending a special signal along the BUS

Description : Name this chemical element. It is a member of the Lanthanide Series and can be found in the minerals apatite (pron: AP-a-tite), gadolinite (pron: gad-O-lin-ite), and xenotime (pron: ZEN-o- time). This element was first identified by Boisbaudran in 1886. Its chemical symbol is Dy.

Last Answer : ANSWER: DYSPROSIUM (pron: dis-PRO-zee-um)

Description : To which class of organic chemical compounds does rhamnose (pron; ram-nose) belong?


Description : What is the name of the organic compound whose chemical name is amygdalin (pron: a-MIG-da-lin) and is found in the pits of apricots and peaches?


Description : Hormone receptors that stimulate cAMP production (A) are part of a complex of two proteins that transform the external signal into internal cAMP production (B) are proteins distinct and separate from those ... binding of the hormone (D) are not very specific and bind a number of different hormones

Last Answer : Answer : B

Description : Bile has what function in digestion? a) emulsify lipids b) digest proteins c) gluconeogenesis (pron: glue-ko-nee-o-gen-e-sis) d) digest carbohydrates


Description : Liverworts and mosses are characterized by their lack of vascular conducting tissue. These two groups of plants, liverwort and mosses, are known by which of the following terms: a) thallophytes (pron: THAL-o-fights) ... (pron: JIM-na-sperms) c) bryophytes (pron: BRIE-o-fights) d) none of the above

Last Answer : ANSWER: C -- BRYOPHYTES 

Description : A lake or pond community is also known as a: w) pelagic community (pron: pe-laj-ick) x) benthic community (pron: ben-thick) y) lentic community (pron: len-tick) z) lotic community (pron: lot-ick)


Description : Igneous rocks that form from magma are known as: w) minerals x) granite y) intrusive rocks z) gneiss (pron: nice)


Description : Antibodies are part of a group of serum (pron: SIR-em) proteins known as what?

Last Answer : ANSWER: IMMUNOGLOBULINS (pron: im-MYOON-o-glob-you-lins) or GLOBULINS

Description : Which of the following antibacterial substances is known to primarily affect gram-negative bacteria? a) spermine (pron: SPER-meen) b) interferon (pron: in-ter-FEER-en) c) phagocytin (pron: fag-a-SITE-en) d) leukins (pron: LEW-kins)


Description : Because they are resistant to desiccation (pron: des-ih-KA-shun), desert plants are known as what? a) dehydrates b) hydrophobocytes c) xerophytes d) none of the above


Description : The order of insects which includes beetles is known as: a) Coleoptera (pron: kO-lee-op-teh-rah) b) Orthoptera (pron: or-tho-op-teh-rah) c) Hymenoptera (pron: high-meh-nop-teh-rah) d) Diptera (pron: dip-teh-rah)

Last Answer : ANSWER: A -- Coleoptera

Description : The condition in which there is a DECREASE in the number of white blood cells in humans is known as: a) leukocytosis (pron: lew-kO-sigh-toe-sis) b) leukopenia (pron: lew-kO-pea-nee-ah) c) leukemia (pron: lew-kee-me-ah) d) leukohyperia (pron: lew-kO-high-per-e-ah)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- leukopenia

Description : Most of the fungi commonly observed are members of this group of fungi, which includes toadstools, mushrooms and puffballs. This group of fungi is known as: a) Phycomycetes (pron: fI-kO-my-seats) b) Ascomycetes ... ) c) Basidomycetes (pron: beh-sid-E-O-my-seats) d) Plyocetes (pron: ply-O-seats)

Last Answer : ANSWER: C -- Basidomycetes

Description : The vesicles formed via the process known as phagocytosis (pron: fag-eh-seh-toe-sis) are called: a) lysosomes (pron: lye-sah-somes: somes rhymes with homes) b) Golgi apparatus c) food vacuoles d) mitochondria (pron: my-toe-chon-dria)


Description : Octopus and squid belong to the class of molluscs known as: a) cephalopoda (pron: sef-eh-lah-pod-ah) b) bivalvia c) gastropoda (pron: gas-tro-pod-ah) d) polyplacophora (pron: poly-pla-so-for-ah) 


Description : What kind of poisoning is known as plumbism (pron: plum - biz - em)? 


Description : The per capita birth rate of a population is known as its: w) mortality x) natality (pron: nay-tal-eh-ty) y) population density z) carrying capacity

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- NATALITY

Description : Chemical formula of washing soda is - (1) Na2SO4.10H2O (2) NaHCO3 (3) Na2CO3.10H2O (4) Ca(OH)2

Last Answer : (3) Na2CO3.10H2O Explanation: Washing Soda is essentially Sodium Carbonate, a sodium salt of carbonic acid (soluble in water). The molecular formula of washing soda is Na2CO3.10H2O. It is used as ... It reacts with the calcium and magnesium bonds present in the water, enabling the detergent to work.

Description : Chemical formula of washing soda is (1) Na2 SO4 .10H2O (2) NaHCO3 (3) Na2CO3 .10H2O (4) Ca(OH)2

Last Answer : Na2CO3 .10H2O

Description : Both Adium and sending E-mail through the native apple mail application don't function when i'm at school on their wireless. Anyone know why or how to fix it?

Last Answer : Does your school’s internet connect through a proxy? eg: When you open IE, does it ask you for a login?

Description : Which one of the following pairs of chemical substances, is correctly categorised? (a) Calcitonin and thymosin - Thyroid hormones (b) Pepsin and prolactin - Two digestive enzymes secreted in ... and myosin - Complex proteins in striated muscles (d) Secretin and rhodopsin - Polypeptide hormones

Last Answer : (c) Troponin and myosin - Complex proteins in striated muscles

Description : Why are hormones called chemical messengers?

Last Answer : Hormones are chemical substances that carry stimuli from one part of the body to another.

Description : An improved variety of transgenic basmati rice (a) does not require chemical fertilizers and growth hormones (b) gives high yield and is rich in vitamin A (c) is completely resistant to all insect pests and diseases of paddy (d) gives high yield but has no characteristic aroma.

Last Answer : (b) gives high yield and is rich in vitamin A

Description : Phytohormones are (a) chemical regulating flowering (b) chemical regulating secondary growth (c) hormones regulating growth from seed to adulthood (d) regulators synthesised by plants and influencing physiological processes.

Last Answer : (d) regulators synthesised by plants and influencing physiological processes.

Description : A pheromone is A) an endorphin released within the anterior pituitary. B) a growth factor related to the production of tumors. C) a product of a neurosecretory cell that acts on ... ) a regulatory hormone that stimulates or inhibits the release of hormones produced by other endocrine glands.

Last Answer : D) a chemical released by one animal to affect the behavior of another animal.

Description : Sending a frame to a group of stations is known as – (1) Single casting (2) Spreading (3) Multicasting (4) Casting

Last Answer : (3) Multicasting Explanation: In addition to transmitting frames directed to a single address, local area networks are capable of sending frames directed to a group of address, called a multicast ... group of stations. They can also send frames directed to all stations using the broadcast address.

Description : Sending a frame to a group of stations is known as (1) Single casting (2) Spreading (3) Multicasting (4) Casting

Last Answer : Multicasting

Description : What is the function of adding NH4 OH in group file?

Last Answer : Ans. It convert ammonium bicarbonate into ammonium carbonate.

Description : What are the two main features of Genetic Algorithm? a) Fitness function & Crossover techniques b) Crossover techniques & Random mutation c) Individuals among the population & Random mutation d) Random mutation & Fitness function

Last Answer : a) Fitness function & Crossover techniques

Description : What are sex hormones? Why are they named so? State their function. -Science

Last Answer : The hormones which help and control the formation of secondary sexual characters are called sex hormones. They are named so because they control the sexual activities and are secreted by ... secondary sexual characters in females, appearance of mammary glands, etc. It also maintains pregnancy.

Description : Study the flow chart given below. Name the hormones involved at each stage and explain their function. -Biology

Last Answer : Hypothalamus Gonadotropin Releasing Hormones (GnRH) are released by the hypothalamus. Pituitary GnRH stimulates pituitary to release FSH and LH. Ovary FSH and LH act on ovary. LH ... ruptured follicle and secretion of progesterone by the corpus luteum. Pregnancy Progesterone maintains pregnancy.

Description : What is the function of growth hormones? -Biology

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Is the function of neurons is to secrete hormones true or false?

Last Answer : Some neurons secrete hormones

Description : Which one of the following statements is fully correct? (A) Hormones are needed in the diet (B) Hormones can be elaborated only by endocrine glands (C) All the hormones enter the ... (D) Hormones are substance synthesized in the body in small quantities and control and regulate metabolic events

Last Answer : Answer : D