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An induction motor has relatively high power factor at near full load.

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Last Answer : The power factor of a single-phase induction motor is usually lagging.

Description : A synchronous motor has better power factor as compared to that of an equivalent induction motor. This is mainly because?

Last Answer : A synchronous motor has better power factor as compared to that of an equivalent induction motor. This is mainly because stator supply is not required to produce magnetic field.

Description : At which time power factor of the induction motor is low?

Last Answer : The power factor of the inducction motor is low at the time of starting as compare to while the induction motor is running.

Last Answer : For high value of diversity factor, a power station of given installed capacity will be in a position to supply more number of consumers.

Description : Why does induction motor have high starting current?

Last Answer : In induction motor , the flux produce is quadrature to the applied voltage. Since when we are going to start motor , there is no flux present inside . So in order to lets say compensate it ... times of current to further increase flux. So that is reason for high starting current in induction motor

Description : Explain energy conservation technique “by improving power quality” for induction motor.

Last Answer : Energy conservation method in induction motor by improving power quality: Electrical energy can be conserved by improving the power quality. It can be achieved by avoiding voltage unbalance, maintaining ... losses can be minimized by using harmonic filter thus reducing the harmonics in the system.

Description : Power factor of the system is kept high?

Last Answer : Power factor of the system is kept high to reduce line losses, to maximise the utilization of the capacities of generators, lines and transformers, to reduce voltage regulation of the line.

Description : What is the advantage of high power factor?

Last Answer : Reduced copper losses Smaller conductor size Improve voltage regulation Increase system capability Less energy bill

Last Answer : When a D.C. series motor is connected to A.C. supply, the power factor will be low because of high inductance of field and armature circuits.

Description : If the load of the normally excited synchronous motor is increased the power factor will?

Last Answer : If the load of the normally excited synchronous motor is increased the power factor will become lagging.

Description : The synchronous motor which works on leading power factor and does not drive any mechanical load is called?

Last Answer : The synchronous motor which works on leading power factor and does not drive any mechanical load is called synchronous condenser.

Description : If the field of synchronous motor is under excited, power factor will be?

Last Answer : If the field of synchronous motor is under excited, power factor will be lagging.

Description : How can we improve power factor using synchronous motor?

Last Answer : Yes, we can make the power factor of synchronous motor leading by adjusting its excitation.

Last Answer : High load factor indicates total plant capacity is utilised for most of the time.

Last Answer : In a distribution system, in order to improve power factor, the synchronous capacitors are installed at the receiving end.

Last Answer : For a consumer the most economical power factor is generally 0.95 lagging .

Last Answer : The primary reason for low power factor is supply system is due to installation of induction motors.

Last Answer : Load factor of a power station is generally less than unity.

Last Answer : Load factor of a power station is defined as average load/maximum demand.

Description : Can a synchronous condenser improve power factor?

Last Answer : Yes, synchronous condenser can improve power factor.

Description : What is the maximum value of power factor?

Last Answer : 1 is the maximum value of power factor.

Description : The synchronous speed of an 8 pole induction motor supplied power from a 50 Hz source will be ?

Last Answer : Ns         equals        f/pair pole 50/4      - 12.5

Description : Explain the working principle of induction motor. 

Last Answer : Working principle of induction motor: * When the motor is excited with three-phase supply, three-phase stator winding carries three-phase currents & produces a rotating magnetic field of constant magnitude and ... , which tend to move the rotor in the same direction as the rotating magnetic field. 

Description : Explain the activities carried out during weekly maintenance of 3 ph. Induction motor. 

Last Answer : Activities Carried out During Weekly Maintenance of 3 ph. Induction Motor:  1) Check belt tension. In cases where this is excessive it should immediately be reduces and in the case of sleeve ... and cooled by oil mist systems its important to check the oil mist flow paths/pressure components.

Description : State the function of following parts in Induction motor. (i) Stator (ii) Slip rings

Last Answer : Name of part Function Stator 1) Stator frame supports the core, terminal box and protects the inner parts. 2) Stator core houses stator winding. 3) Stator winding ... ) Provides facility to connect external resistance to rotor circuit through brushes for starting and control.

Description : List the energy conservation technique in induction motor. 

Last Answer : Following are the list of energy conservation techniques in electrical motors: 1) Reduction in iron losses by using low loss silicon steel core material laminated to thinner dimension. 2) Using bigger length ... at light load. 13) By rewinding in induction motor 14) By motor survey

Description : With a neat sketch give the working of shaded pole induction motor.

Last Answer : Explanation: It has squirrel cage rotor and salient pole stator. The stator poles are shaded partially by short circuited conductor band to create the phase difference between the fluxes emerging from shaded ... rotating magnetic field in the air-gap and torque is exerted on the squirrel cage rotor.

Description : Explain with neat circuit diagrams the procedures to perform no load and blocked rotor tests on three phase induction motor.

Description : Explain the need and steps to conduct the reduced voltage running up test on the three phase induction motor.

Description : What will happen if the induction motor runs at synchronous speed ?

Last Answer : Since there is always slip present in rotor it cannot run at synchronous speed no current will be developed hence no torque will developed

Description : Define Slip of Induction Motor.

Last Answer : Slip: It is the ratio of relative speed of rotor (difference between synchronous speed and rotor speed) to the synchronous speed of rotating magnetic field.  Slip = (NS – N) / NS  where , NS = synchronous speed, N = speed of rotor

Description : Explain the working of a single phase capacitor start induction motor. 

Last Answer : Single phase capacitor start induction motor https://youtu.be/31lvvzU5Puc

Description : State any four advantages of three phase induction motor. 

Last Answer : Advantages of three phase induction motor https://youtu.be/27OIOCKN05U

Last Answer : Energy conservation technique in induction motor by minimizing idle and redundant running of motor: 1) Loss of energy as the no load power drawn is approximately about 12% to 16% of rated ... to unnecessary line losses. 4) Reduction in overall system energy efficiency over period of time.

Description : State and explain any four factors governing selection of induction motor.

Last Answer : The factors governing the selection of Induction motor: 1) Load torque required at normal speed matches with available torque of motor. 2) Break down torque or pull out torque or maximum torque ... If selecting energy efficient motor the cost benefit analysis over the long run must be worked out.

Description : Split phase induction motor

Last Answer : Split phase induction motor : There are two windings used in split phase induction motor. It is a type of single-phase induction motor. There are two winding one is called main winding and ... motor have low starting torque it is used for small fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps, grinders etc.

Description : State starters used for i) 3-Ph squirrel cage induction motor (3HP) ii) D.C. motor 

Last Answer : Name the starters used for following motors : i) 3 H.P. 3-Ph squirrel cage I.M: i) DOL starter OR ii) Star-Delta Starter OR ii) Auto transformer starter OR iii) Soft start starter.  ii) D.C Shunt Motor : 1) Armature resistance starter (Three Point Starter) OR 2) Four Point Starter