What’s your high risk but high reward story?

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Answer :

Running from the police is a double or nothing proposition, and everybody has a running from the cops story

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Description : ______________ is a form of financing especially for funding high technology, high risk and perceived high reward projects A. Fixed capital. B. Current capital. C. Seed capital. D. Venture capital.

Last Answer : D. Venture capital.

Description : Consider these two investment strategies: Strategy is the dominant strategy because . A. 1, it is riskless B. 1, it has the highest reward/risk ratio C. 2, its return is at least equal ... sometimes greater D. 2, it has the highest reward/risk ratio E. both strategies are equally preferred

Last Answer : C. 2, its return is at least equal to Strategy 1 and sometimes greater

Description : A beggar found a leather purse that someone had dropped in the marketplace. Opening it, he discovered that it contained 100 pieces of gold. Then he heard a merchant shout, 'A reward! A reward to the one ... of a leather bag lost and a leather bag found. He counted the coins; 100 gold coin -Riddles

Last Answer : The judge said 'Merchant, you said that the purse you lost contained 200 peices of gold. The purse this beggar found only contained 100 peices of gold. Therefore it cannot be the same purse'. With that the judge gave the purse to the beggar.

Description : What's a good way to reward kids for good grades?

Last Answer : Actually, real praise and noticing and encouraging the work that’s being done is a better reward, costs nothing and has longer-term returns.

Description : Now that Milo has caught mouse #30 since July 1, what's a good reward?

Last Answer : Spam I ain’t kitten, it’s good stuff

Description : What is a reward for you that others see as a punishment?

Last Answer : Solitary confinement.

Description : How do you reward yourself after accomplishing a task?

Last Answer : By piling on more tasks. Sometimes a nap.

Description : How can we send a reward/present to Charles Russell, the Instacart shopper who protentially stopped a mass shooting in Atlanta recently?

Last Answer : Such a lucky guy and heroic. Lucky also were those people warned. Russell could be in FB or other social media. The challenge would be how to identify the real Russell if knuckleheads pretend to be him asking for “assistance.”

Description : In "Virtue's Last Reward", why are some people put in treatment pods and others called directly to earth?

Last Answer : Why are some people…

Description : Is giving candy as a reward the best way to teach a child to write?

Last Answer : answer:Maybe not the best way, but if it, as a reward system, appropriately incentivizes a child to apply themself to the learning project, I don’t see that it’s a bad thing. There is no absolute or right answer, it’s really about what works, as long as physical or emotional abuse is not involved.

Description : Will you help me find a way to reward seven-year-olds?

Last Answer : Stickers and when you get certain number, you get to pick a prize which could be candy or small toys like magnetic dogs, hacky sacks, jump ropes, etc. (if they still have those) or sticker books.

Description : In your experience, what is the best credit card reward program?

Last Answer : I like the REI credit card. It’s free and you get cash back at the end of the year. I gave up on airline ones because of all the restrictions and the fact you had to pay for it.

Description : If you turn in a tip to catch a criminal before a reward is offered do you still get the reward?

Last Answer : If after the reward was offered, they caught a criminal by following your tip (regardless when the tip was given), I would think the reward would be yours. If indeed they used your tip.

Description : How do you reward yourself?

Last Answer : I love Sci show on YouTube! Hank is so funny. And you’re totally right. High school is so exhausting. I usually text while I’m doing my homework, or listen to music. Sometimes I eat then nap.

Description : Why does a great answer reward more points than a great question?

Last Answer : I agree with you and have raised this issue a couple of times in the past couple of years since lurve was implemented.

Description : Can you recount situations where you made yourself miserable in the present for a future reward?

Last Answer : Any time I have ever drank tequila.

Description : If you could only get one Fluther reward, what would it be?

Last Answer : saint There is, but if I told you on here I’d have to [CIA redacted]

Description : How easy or difficult would it be for you to alter your beliefs if the reward were great enough, or if achieving the desire was worth the loss of credibility that came of it?

Last Answer : answer:For one example: If you were morally against stealing and someone approached you and told you that you could get away with it, it would hurt no one, no loss would be felt by ... , or completely retain your values against it and never bat an eyelash? Psychology and Behavioral science question

Description : Dog trainers: What works better? Consequence training, or reward training?

Last Answer : With my dog,alittle of both,but alot more reward based as she is a sensitive dog. I do not think choke collars are cruel.We don’t even use one anymore.She is always off leash and is a good dog:) When are you getting your pup?

Description : Death of bin Laden. Who will receive the reward?

Last Answer : The money should go to all the civilians caught in the middle of this WMD chase around 3+ countries.

Description : Should credit card reward cards all be equal?

Last Answer : No. Looks fair to me. You have different cards, so different rules go with both. What's the advantage of one if both are the same? I don't do miles or rewards or any of that, I use my ... and credit limits and whatevers, so it would seem point spending shouldn't be the exception to prove this rule.

Description : What are your thoughts on free reward sites?

Last Answer : answer:For a few years now, my dad has filled out surveys for websites. There's a lot of cookware downstairs that he bought using redeemed points. I don't remember which sites he has used, ... check around before signing up for any website that claims to offer free stuff, but that's just me.

Description : How does your company reward intellectual capital?

Last Answer : answer:Ha. No. The department I manage (which consists of me and two others) came in under budget last year by 20% and was responsible for about a million dollars in revenue. How were we rewarded? By staying employed.

Description : How Can I reward those who come early to work?

Last Answer : Are you asking them to come in early, or to not come in late? Usually if employees are late, there is some sort of disciplinary action taken (the first time it may just be a raised eyebrow, but lots ... 3 in a year and you get your first warning, 4 is your second warning, 5 results in dismissal. )

Description : Where (what industry/job/career) can I work, that will reward me for working hard? (more explanation below)

Last Answer : answer:Honestly, and I'm sure this isn't what you're looking for, the hardest most rewarding work I've done was probably farming. In your case look for small start up companies. Failure is all to ... and infectious. Not to mention if you succeed, you can, if you play your cards right, retire.

Description : What are some trusted survey reward sites?

Last Answer : I have used zoompanel for years. They’ve always sent the rewards, too, including my decent digital camera. :)

Description : My iPhone was returned anonymously to me yesterday. How can I find/reward the person?

Last Answer : Did you check the history and see if he logged into facebook or anything personal via safari? That’s the only way I can think of.

Description : To anyone who has finals in the upcoming weeks, how do you reward yourself afterwards?

Last Answer : I’m rewarding myself through the cunning use of my college roommate. She’s coming to visit! Sure, I’ll have one final left when she gets here, but she’s coming to visit! What more could I want? What a great reward! Lucky girl, she’s already done with finals. Sigh.

Description : How does Rogers star reward credit works?

Last Answer : here, always restrictions.

Description : Why does society reward mediocrity?

Last Answer : Excellence, however it may be defined, is, like intelligence and beauty, distributed on a “normal” curve. That means 96% of the population will fall within 2 standard deviations from the mean.

Description : You see a poster on the street stating a pet has been lost and there is a reward. You find the pet. Do you insist on the reward?

Last Answer : Yes. otherwise, Mr. Boots is going over to the Fun Wok. Don’t offer if you aren’t gonna put out.

Description : Are children only motivated by reward and punishment?

Last Answer : We are all motivated by reward and punishment. Some are just greater or harsher then others. That’s life.

Description : Is it correct that the only things a very young child understands are reward and pain?

Last Answer : Aren’t pain avoidance and pleasure seeking the only things that motivate all of us?

Description : Where can I get free AirMiles Reward Miles?

Last Answer : As a general rule, you can’t get something for nothing.

Description : If you find a misprint, do you get a reward?

Last Answer : If you do, someone owes me a lot of money!

Description : How do you reward yourself?

Last Answer : I reward myself when I think I really deserve it. It's usually in the form of a small purchase (picking up a dvd or tshirt or something), or if it's not enough to merit that, a candy bar ... certainly do without, but it just gives me enough of a pick me up to do something else that is fulfilling.

Description : Retail workers. What small acts do you preform to subtly reward nice customers?

Last Answer : When you ask if I have something in the back but your a dick, it’s out and I’m taking 15 to go chill, if your nice I’ll atleast try and look but don’t expect me to dig through the back stick carts, those bitches are nightmares

Description : One morning a man is leaving on business trip and finds he left some paperwork at his office. He runs into his office to get it and the night watchman stops him and says, 'Sir, don't get on the ... for saving his life and then fires him. Why did he fire the watchman that saved his life? -Riddles

Last Answer : He was fired for sleeping on the job!

Description : Where can I shop to earn cash reward?

Last Answer : I have been using this free website to earn some extra cash every month..you cann use my referral link here htt ps://exe. io/fvr3506F(JUST REMOVE THOSE SPACES AND SKIP THOSE ADS)

Description : Why is the reward system so low compared to Q &A ? This means that the prizes of 2nd and 3rd are much less. When will the amount of prizes be increased more ?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : What is the reward for 100 martyrs ?

Last Answer : One Sunnat of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is rewarded with one hundred martyrs.

Description : What is the reward for reciting the Qur'an ?

Last Answer : Once one recites Surah Yaseen, one gets the reward of reciting ten complete Quran Sharifs.

Description : What is the reward for one thousand nights of worship ?

Last Answer : If one worships on the night of Shabe Qadr in the month of Ramadan , one gets the reward of one thousand nights of worship.

Description : What is the reward of Ans Bangla. And why ?

Last Answer : First Winner - 500 Taka Second Winner - 350 Taka Third Winner - 150 Taka It is given mainly to increase the interest of the users.

Description : What is the reward for dead parents and relatives ?

Last Answer : It is a good deed to give thawab in Isal for the purpose of dead parents and relatives.

Description : What kind of reward do people get when they die ?

Last Answer : If you do whatever you want through charity, people will continue to get it even if they die.

Description : When will the reward for one's deeds be made chief ?

Last Answer : Man will be rewarded for his deeds on the Day of Resurrection.

Description : I want to know the reward system of this website now ....

Last Answer : At present there is a system of awarding prizes on a monthly basis. Mobile recharge or cash payment is given to the users who answer better questions every month

Description : What is the opposite of reward ?

Last Answer : Reward of the opposite of the award 6

Last Answer : Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. In performing this Hajj and Umrah, there are many rewards from Allah for the world and the hereafter. Some traditions are mentioned below: (a) is ... emigrant are forgiven and the performer of Hajj is also freed from the previous sins. (Muslim 121)