People who have completely switched careers what did you do and what do you do do now?

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Answer :

In N Out > McDonald’s

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Description : I am thinking about switching careers (and I'm in my late 30's). Has anyone ever switched careers in their 30's and up? What was the switch like?

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Last Answer : First think who will operate each bulb, obviously person #2 will do all the even numbers, and say person #10 will operate all the bulbs that end in a zero. So who would operate for example bulb 48: Persons numbered: 1 & 48 ... 100 (1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81 & 100) hence 10 bulbs remain on.

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Last Answer : Found how to get back to the classic version from New Coke and now they both look weird!

Description : Those of you who have switched to using more coconut oil, how are your cholesterol numbers?

Last Answer : Did both coconut oil for cooking (not 100%) and flax seed oil capsules. Overall cholesterol numbers stayed about the same, but HDL (good cholesterol) number increased. Numbers were not high to start with 130 to 140.

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Last Answer : A.M. is the abbreviation for the Latin ante meridiem, which means before midday. P.M. means post meridiem or after midday. Midnight is the dividing time between days, so it has to be A.M. Noon is the time separating A.M. and P.M., so it has to be P.M.

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Description : Any freak stories where someone switched their diet and their cancer dissipated and didn't know it?

Last Answer : There undoubtedly are, but the stories would anecdotal and have no basis in evidenced based scientific medicine—and should not be seen as any validation that diet therapy has any therapeutic value in cancer treatment whatsoever.

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Last Answer : answer:The carrier, the data plan, and the cost. Your best bet would be to go to both sites and review all the terms and conditions. The phone itself would be the same, of course.

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Last Answer : A relationship, once. It was a HUGE mistake.

Description : Mac Notebook display all of a sudden switched to black and red only?

Last Answer : Try pressing “Control+Option+Command+8”. i think you might have accidentally inverted the colors on your screen.

Description : Why did the Bears game just get switched off in California and changed to the Packers game mid play?

Last Answer : Probably because it was a blow out. Arizona is schooling the Bears. The Cardinals may as well be playing the Cal Bears.

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Last Answer : No.

Description : A ………….. is a temporary connection that uses the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to connect to the Internet. -Technology

Last Answer : dial-up connection

Description : In order to prevent the hot metal filament from getting burnt, when the electric current is switched on, the bulb is filled with

Last Answer : In order to prevent the hot metal filament from getting burnt, when the electric current is switched on, the bulb is ... gas C. `CO_(2)` D. `Cl_(2)`

Description : What propertys of the materials used in computer chips makes them useful as switched that turn electricity on and off?

Last Answer : The silicon is a semiconductor and can be doped to control itsconductivity and create the junctions needed to make diodes andtransistors. These diodes and transistors can act as switches andlogic gates ... beused to attach wires or metal beads so that the chip can beconnected to external circuits.

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Description : Trying to reset the time on my Mother-in-Law's clock radio - model RP5420C. When powering it on, I press the time zone button once, assuming that sets it to CST with DST switched to on. DST is displayed-the time never resets&the time zone doesn't displa?

Last Answer : The manual can be downloaded from this site, it seems to be a common issue that there is no manual included in the box. Hope this helps:

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Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Consider the following statements: 1. when an electric bulb is switched on, the resistance of its tungsten filament increases. 2. the resistance of pure metals increases on heating. Which of the above statements is/are correct? (a) Both 1 and 2 (b) only 1 (c) only 2 (d) Neither 1 nor 2

Last Answer : Ans:(a)

Description : What would happen if a 3 phase induction motor is switched on with one phase disconnected?

Last Answer : The motor is likely to burn .

Description : An example of a medium speed, switched communications service is a. series 1000 b. data phone 50 c. DDD d. All of the above

Last Answer : DDD

Description : Thetwo most common digital services are ________ service and______. A) switched/56; switched/64 B) switched/56; DDS C) DDS; swiched 64 D) leased; out-of-band

Last Answer : switched/56; DDS

Description : Telephone companiesprovidetwotypes of analog services: analog _______services andanalog _____services. A) switched; in-band B) out-of-band; in-band C) switched; leased D) leased; out-of-band

Last Answer : switched; leased

Description : A local telephone network isan example of a_______ network. A) packet-switched B) circuit-switched C) message-switched D) none of the above

Last Answer : circuit-switched

Description : The network layer in the Internet isdesigned as a __________network. A) virtual-circuit B) datagram C) circuit-switched D) none of the above

Last Answer : datagram

Description : In a ________ network, twotypes of addressing are involved: global and local. A) virtual-circuit B) datagram C) circuit-switched D) none of the above

Last Answer : virtual-circuit

Description : A switched WAN is normally implemented as a _______ network. A) virtual-circuit B) datagram C) circuit-switched D) none of the above

Last Answer : virtual-circuit

Description : A _________ network is across between a circuit-switchednetworkand a datagram network. It has some characteristics ofboth. A) virtual-circuit B) packet-switched C) frame-switched D) none of the above

Last Answer : virtual-circui

Description : A ________network is made of a set of switches connected by physical links, in which each link is divided into nchannels. A) line-switched B) frame-switched C) circuit-switched D) none of the above

Last Answer : circuit-switched

Description : Packet-switched networks can alsobe divided into ______subcategories: virtual-circuit networks and datagram networks A) four B) three C) two D) five

Last Answer : two

Description : Satellite-Switched Time-Division Multiple Access (SS/TDMA) is A. the method of determining whichdevice has access tothe transmission medium at any time. B. a medium access control technique for ... switching is used to dynamically changethechannel assignments D. All of theabove E. None of the above

Last Answer : a form of TDMA in which circuit switching is used to dynamically changethechannel assignments

Description : A network that needs human beings to manually route signals is called.... A) Fiber Optic Network B) Bus Network C) T-switched network D) Ring network

Last Answer : C) T-switched network

Description : There are two types of designs for communication subnets: they are ………… A. Point-to-Point channels and Broadcast channels B. packet-switched subnet and store-and-forward C. Multicasting and Broadcasting D. Point-to-Point channels and store-and-forward

Last Answer : A. Point-to-Point channels and Broadcast channels

Description : BSNL land line telephone network is an example of a network. A. Packet switched B. Circuit switched C. Bit switched D. Line switched

Last Answer : B. Circuit switched

Description : A local telephone network is an example of a _______ network. a) Packet switched b) Circuit switched c) Bit switched d) Line switched

Last Answer : b) Circuit switched

Description : The network layer in the Internet is designed as anetwork. a. datagram b. none c. virtual-circuit d. circuit-switched

Last Answer : a. datagram

Description : A network is a cross between a circuit-switched network and a datagram network. It has some characteristics of both. a. virtual-circuit b. packet-switched c. None of the Given d. frame-switched

Last Answer : a. virtual-circuit