Teachers of reddit, what are some positive trends you are noticing in the younger generation?

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Answer :

Higher self awareness! Kids are woke.

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Last Answer : Details. My wife is the opposite. The range of ‘normal’ encompasses a spectrum of OCD behavior, with some of us closer to one end than the other.

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Last Answer : you could mix 1 teasp of non alcohol liquid soap w 1 qt water...............put it into a bucket and soak the plant in the mix...............and spray the plant with the mix.....you might have to do a 2nd mix................keep it in the bucket until the bubbles stop....

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Last Answer : Answer: B) Case 1: first was a white roll Now it is put in second vessel, so total white rolls in second vessel = 4+1 = 5, and total rolls in second vessel = 10+1 = 11 So probability of white roll ... = 5/11+4/11 = 9/11 (added the cases because we want one of these cases to happen and not both)

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Last Answer : D) Greater in rural communities 

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Last Answer : Although I was never in any class that she taught, I’d like to be a loudmouth laudator for my wife. She finally retired from teaching when she was 69. I wish I had more time to post the praise she deserves.

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Last Answer : D) A strong need to love and to be loved by children 

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Last Answer : B. More active against gram negative enterobacteriaceae

Description : Choose the orally active third generation cephalosporin having good activity against gram positive cocci as well: A. Cefdinir B. Ceftazidime C. Cefoperazone D. Ceftizoxime

Last Answer : A. Cefdinir

Description : Which of the following is a second generation cephalosporin that is highly resistant to gram negative β-lactamases, and cures penicillinase positive as well as negative gonococcal infection by a single intramuscular dose: A. Cephalexin B. Cefuroxime C. Cefoperazone D. Ceftazidime

Last Answer : B. Cefuroxime

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Last Answer : I can remember wondering in my youth why it is that old folks are always complaining and finding fault. Nowadays I no longer wonder or care because I’m too occupied with bitching and whining to be bothered with wondering or caring about anything else.

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Last Answer : Hipster Puppies. Whole tragedies of them.

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Last Answer : What, you don’t like my fuschia stretch pants with the black polka dots and the bright fuschia sequined shirt and the 4 inch wide black patent leather belt with the patent leather pumps?

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Last Answer : At the moment, pronoun necklaces are very in right now. So, getting a necklace that says he/they will be very trendy. Other than that, Zodiac jewelry will be just as trendy!

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Last Answer : Jeans + Dress Combo

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Last Answer : There are many significant economic trends and challenges facing the world today, including: Income inequality: Income inequality, or the gap between the rich and the poor, is a major economic ... support an aging workforce and to plan for the long-term economic implications of demographic change.

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Last Answer : I hate thin glass tables, chairs with thin wire legs, in general furniture that looks blocky and uncomfortable and I especially hate those horrible Barcelona chairs.

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Last Answer : The future, on board the Starship Enterprise.

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Last Answer : As far as I can tell in Australia anyway; layering, stripes, block colours, asymmetrical seams, and chunky jewellery. I’m trying to find a picture of the styles I mean but I’m having trouble, I’ll get back to you.

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Last Answer : answer:Wearing tight, heavy underwear is not good for men's health. It's not deadly to the guy, but it's deadly to his tadpoles'. I like to wear briefs myself, but I always make sure they're ... grandmother had her feet bound as a small girl. She walked with a cane in her later years. Pretty awful.

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Last Answer : Colorful sunglass frames (like kids wear) on adults.

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Last Answer : I saw a guy with a headband or sweatband on with a baseball cap turned to the side. Not a good look.