Which of the following are the families of orchestra?

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Answer :

Woodwind, string, brass, percussionWoodwind,string,brass,percussion

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Last Answer : They are generally seated at the other end of the line. if there are more than one, then they sit together.

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Last Answer : Absolutely, in my opinion. The earlier you can introduce different styles to children, the better. I guess it depends on how patient and interested you think your little sister might be during the show.

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Last Answer : The valve trombone has a reputation among musicians for having an inferior sound quality. Brelioz, while appreciating the valve trombone's ability to negotiate rapid passages, remarked that it had less ... a fascinating look at some of the design permutations the trombone has gone through, Look here

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Last Answer : Need answer

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Last Answer : It's mostly professional players who use them, and yes, it'susually in orchestras.

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Last Answer : An orchestra can contain up to nine percussion instruments including tambourines, cymbals, a piano, bass drums, snare drums, vertical chimes, kettle drums, gongs, and whistles.

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Last Answer : J FCC hj

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Last Answer : It isn’t an “either/or” condition. They are “following orders” that they truly believe are legitimate and lawful.

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Last Answer : I visit my Mother twice a week, it would be more but she just doesn't want me bothering her, twice a week is enough son ! she says, you've got your own life to lead . I don't know about other people ... day they'll come that I'm sure of , & something else too, they'll go away with nothing . :-/

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Last Answer : I was told that I have the power over how I feel… you need to enable others to enable you

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Last Answer : I earned about $5000 in a year working at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk while I was taking care of my husband and recovering from surgery myself. If you are located in the US that can be helpful. Otherwise, I haven’t used the freelance places such as guru. Good luck.

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Last Answer : I thought he said if you don’t make more than $250,000 you won’t be taxed more.

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